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Club Vine - Focused on Crooked Vine wines.
Stony Ridge Wine Club - Focused on Stony Ridge Wines
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IN000022721 .CV Aromatica 2008.CV Aromatica 2008$25.00In Stock
IN000017662 .CV Cab Franc 2008 $32.00In Stock
IN000019782 .CV Cab Franc 2009.CV Cab Franc 2009$31.00In Stock
IN000021499 .CV Cab Franc 2010.CV Cab Franc 2010$31.00In Stock
IN0000232111 .CV Cab Franc 2011.CV Cab Franc$33.00In Stock
IN000020084 .CV Cab Sauv 2008.CV Cab Sauv 2008$32.00In Stock
IN0000216101 .Cv Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.CV Cabernet Sauvignon 2009$32.00In Stock
IN0000245122 .CV Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.CV Cabernet Sauvignon 2010$36.00In Stock
IN000020577 .CV Chardonnay 2010.CV Chardonnay 2010$24.00In Stock
IN0000222106 .CV Chardonnay 2011.CV Chardonnay 2011$24.00In Stock
IN0000249126White.CV Chardonnay 2012.CV Chardonnay 2012$26.00In Stock
IN000017460 .CV Charve 2008.CV Charve 2008$22.00In Stock
IN000019175 .CV Charve 2009.CV Charve 2009$22.00In Stock
IN000022519 .CV Charve 2010.CV Charve 2010$22.00In Stock
IN0000242119 .CV Charve 2012.CV Charve 2012$24.00In Stock
IN000017158 .CV Fume Blanc 2008.CV Fume Blanc 2008$18.00In Stock
IN000017763 .CV Fume Blanc 2009 $22.00In Stock
IN000019681 .CV Fume Blanc 2010.CV Fume Blanc 2010$23.00In Stock
IN000021293 .CV Fume Blanc 2011.CV Fume Blanc 2011$23.00In Stock
IN0000230110 .CV Fume Blanc 2012.CV Fume Blanc 2012$26.00In Stock
IN000017057 .CV Liv Cab 2007.CV Liv Cab 2007$32.00In Stock
IN000018468Red.CV Moxie 2008.CV Moxie Meritage 2008$34.00In Stock
IN000020489 .CV Moxie Meritage 2009.CV Moxie Meritage 2009$32.00In Stock
IN0000220104 .CV Moxie Meritage 2010.CV Moxie Meritage 2010$32.00In Stock
IN0000244121 .CV Moxie Meritage 2011.CV Moxie Meritage 2011$34.00In Stock
IN000020895 .CV Petit Verdot 2009.CV Petit Verdot 2009$30.00In Stock
IN000021398 .CV Petit Verdot 2010.CV Petit Verdot 2010$28.00In Stock
IN000023149 .CV Petit Verdot 2011.CV Petit Verdot 2011$33.00In Stock
IN000016956 .CV Petite Sirah 2007.CV Petite Sirah 2007$34.00In Stock
IN000019985 .CV Petite Sirah 2008.CV Petite Sirah 2008$34.00In Stock
IN0000221105 .CV Petite Sirah 2009.CV Petite Sirah 2009$34.00In Stock
IN0000243120 .CV Petite Sirah 2010.CV Petite Sirah 2010$34.00In Stock
IN000018569 .CV Petite Verdot.CV Petite Verdot$28.00In Stock
IN000015551 .CV Pinot Noir 2007 $30.00In Stock
IN000017561 .CV Pinot Noir 2008 $30.00In Stock
IN000018973 .CV Pinot Noir 2009.CV Pinot Noir 2009$30.00In Stock
IN0000217102 .CV Pinot Noir 2010.CV Pinot Noir 2010$30.00In Stock
IN0000241118 .CV Pinot Sparkling 2012.CV Pinot Sparkling 2012$26.00In Stock
IN000017359 .CV Syrah 2007.CV Syrah 2007$30.00In Stock
IN000019883 .CV Syrah 2008.CV Syrah 2008$31.00In Stock
IN000022620 .CV Syrah 2009.CV Syrah 2009$31.00In Stock
IN0000250127Red.CV Syrah 2010.CV Syrah 2010$33.00In Stock
IN000018771 .CV Viognier 2009 $24.00In Stock
IN000020186 .CV Viognier 2010.CV VIognier 2010$24.00In Stock
IN0000215100 .CV Viognier 2011.CV Viognier 2011$24.00In Stock
IN0000246123 .CV Viognier 2012.CV Viognier 2012$25.00In Stock
IN000015450 .CV Zinfandel 2007 $32.00In Stock
IN000020287 .SR Cab Sauv 2008.SR Cab Sauv 2008$26.00In Stock
IN0000228109 .SR Cabernet Sauv 2009.SR Cabernet Sauv 2009$26.00In Stock
IN000018670 .SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2007$26.00In Stock
IN0000252129Red.SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.SR Cabernet Sauvignon 2010$29.00In Stock
IN000016754 .SR Chardonnay 2008.SR Chardonnay 2008$19.00In Stock
IN000018064 .SR Chardonnay 2009.SR Chardonnay 2009$19.00In Stock
IN0000218103 .SR Chardonnay 2011.SR Chardonnay 2011$20.00In Stock
IN0000251128White.SR Chardonnay 2012.SR Chardonnay 2012$22.00In Stock
IN000020388 .SR Grape Stomp Port.SR Grape Stomp Port$29.00In Stock
IN0000224108 .SR Malvasia Bianca 2009.SR Malvasia Bianca 2009$15.00In Stock
IN000018266 .SR Merlot 2008.SR Merlot 2008$24.00In Stock
IN000020690 .SR Merlot 2009.SR Merlot 2009$25.00In Stock
IN0000247124 .SR Merlot 2010.SR Merlot 2010$27.00In Stock
IN000019074 .SR Petite Sirah 2008.SR Petite Sirah 2008$26.00In Stock
IN0000223107 .SR Petite Sirah 2009.SR Petite Sirah 2009$26.00In Stock
IN0000240117 .SR Petite Sirah 2010.SR Petite Sirah 2010$28.00In Stock
IN000020996 .SR Pinot Grigio 2011.SR Pinot Grigio 2011$20.00In Stock
IN000023431 .SR Pinot Grigio 2012.SR Pinot Grigio 2012$22.00In Stock
IN000019378 .SR Razzle Dazzle Rose.SR Razzle Dazzle Rose$18.00In Stock
IN000021092 .SR Razzle Dazzle Rose 2011.SR Razzle Dazzle Rose 2011$18.00In Stock
IN0000233112 .SR Razzle Dazzle Rose 2012.SR Razzle Dazzle Rose 2012$20.00In Stock
IN000015652 .SR Reserve Cabernet 2005 $26.00In Stock
IN000019580 .SR Sangiovese 2009.SR Sangiovese 2009$22.00In Stock
IN000022922 .SR Sangiovese 2011.SR Sangiovese 2011$22.00In Stock
IN0000238115 .SR Sparkling Malvasia.SR Sparkling Malvasia$24.00In Stock
IN000016855 .SR Syrah 2006.SR Syrah 2006$25.00In Stock
IN000019276 .SR Syrah 2008.SR Syrah 2008$25.00In Stock
IN000021994 .SR Syrah 2009.SR Syrah 2099$25.00In Stock
IN0000248125 .SR Syrah 2010.SR Syrah 2010$27.00In Stock
IN000015753 .SR Trifecta 2005 $24.00In Stock
IN000018165 .SR Trifecta 2007.SR Trifecta 2007$24.00In Stock
IN000018367 .SR Trifecta 2007 $24.00In Stock
IN000019479 .SR Trifecta 2008.SR TRifecta 2008$25.00In Stock
IN000021197 .SR Trifecta 2009.SR Trifecta 2009$24.00In Stock
IN0000239116 .SR Trifecta 2010.SR Trifecta 2010$28.00In Stock
IN000020791 .SR Zinfandel 2009.SR Zinfandel 2009$25.00In Stock
IN000018872 .SR Zinfandel 2008.SR Zinfandel 2008$24.00In Stock
IN0000235113 .SR Zinfandel 2010.SR Zinfandel 2010$27.00In Stock
IN000009427 Crooked Vine Aromatica 2003Crooked Vine Aromatica 2003$25.00In Stock
IN000008118 Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvgion McGrail Vineyard 2003Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvgion McGrail Vineyard 2003$40.00In Stock
IN000007715 Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, Livemore ValleyCrooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, Livermore Valley$74.00In Stock
IN000013639 Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2004Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Liv Valley$32.00In Stock
IN000008223 Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon Antigua Springs 2003Crooked Vine Cabernet Sauvignon Antigua Springs 2003$40.00In Stock
IN000013437 Crooked Vine Chardonnay 2006Crooked Vine Chardonnay 2006 Liv Valley$22.00In Stock
IN000012733 Crooked Vine Charve' 2006Crooked Vine Charve' Livermore Valley 2006$22.00In Stock
IN000013538 Crooked Vine Harriet's Merlot 2005Crooked Vine Harriet's Merlot 2005 Liv Valley$28.00In Stock
IN000014745 Crooked Vine Petite Sirah 2005Crooked Vine Petite Sirah 2005$34.00In Stock
IN000007614 Crooked Vine Petite Syrah 2003Crooked Vine Petite Syrah 2003$74.00In Stock
IN000014846 Crooked Vine Syrah 2005Crooked Vine Syrah 2005$30.00In Stock
IN00000669 Crooked Vine Viognier $24.00In Stock
IN000008017 Crooked Vine Viognier 2005Crooked Vine Viognier 2005$24.00In Stock
IN000006710 Crooked Vine Zinfandel $40.00In Stock
IN000007513 Crooked Vine Zinfandel 2003Crooked Vine Zinfandel 2003$74.00In Stock
IN000009326 Crooked Vine Zinfandel Cienega Valley 2004Crooked Vine Zinfandel Cienega Valley 2004$35.00In Stock
IN000013940 CV 2004 Del Arroyo Cabernet SauvignonCV 2004 Del Arroyo Cabernet Sauvignon$38.00In Stock
IN000014041 CV 2004 Petite SirahCV 2004 Petite Sirah$34.00In Stock
IN000006811 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) $19.95In Stock
IN000014644 name of winefurther description of item$0.00In Stock
IN000023632 Release Party GuestRelease Party Guest$15.00In Stock
IN0000237114 Release Party MemberRelease Party Member$10.00In Stock
IN000014242 Stony Ridge 2005 Cabernet SauvignonStony Ridge 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon$22.00In Stock
IN00000614 Stony Ridge Cabernet $17.00In Stock
IN000013336 Stony Ridge Chardonnay 2006Stony Ridge Chardonnay 2006 Liv Valley$19.00In Stock
IN00000570 Stony Ridge Charonnay $12.00In Stock
IN000013235 Stony Ridge Grape Stomp PortStony Ridge Grape Stomp Port Liv Valley$29.00In Stock
IN00000658 Stony Ridge Malvasia Bianca $13.00In Stock
IN00000603 Stony Ridge Merlot $16.00In Stock
IN000009528 Stony Ridge Merlot Livermore Valley 2004Stony Ridge Merlot Livermore Valley Harriet's Vineyard 2004$22.00In Stock
IN000007916 Stony Ridge Mourvedre Livermore Valley 2005Stony Ridge Mourvedre Livermore Valley 2005$19.00In Stock
IN000014343 Stony Ridge N.V. OrorossoStony Ridge N.V. Ororosso$16.00In Stock
IN000012834 Stony Ridge Oro Bianco 2006Stony Ridge Oro Bianco California 2006$16.00In Stock
IN00000581 Stony Ridge Orobianco $14.00In Stock
IN00000636 Stony Ridge Ororosso $15.00In Stock
IN000014947 Stony Ridge Petite Sirah 2005Stony Ridge Petite Sirah 2005$26.00In Stock
IN000012530 Stony Ridge Petite Syrah 2002Stony Ridge Petite Syrah Livermore Valley 2002$18.00In Stock
IN00000592 Stony Ridge Riesling $10.50In Stock
IN000007012 Stony Ridge Robusto Port 500mLStony Ridge Robusto Port 500mL$39.00In Stock
IN00000647 Stony Ridge Sparkling $14.00In Stock
IN000009629 Stony Ridge Syrah Livermore Valley 2003Stony Ridge Syrah Livermore Valley 2003$16.00In Stock
IN00000625 Stony Ridge Zinfandel $17.00In Stock
IN000015048 Stony Ridge Zinfandel 2005Stony Ridge Zinfandel 2005$24.00In Stock
IN000008724 Stony Ridge Zinfandel, Livermore Valley 2004Stony Ridge Zinfandel, Livermore Valley 2004$34.00In Stock
IN000008925 Stony Ridge Zinfandel, Livermore Valley 2004Stony Ridge Zinfandel, Livermore Valley 2004$38.00In Stock
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