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Tasting Club ~ Enjoy four bottles of Alta Colina reds twice a year.

Mixed Tasting Club ~ For those who would like to receive four bottles of Alta Colina white and pink in addition to the two red shipments.

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IN000010613Red2007 Toasted Slope Syrah2007 Toasted Slope Syrah$58.00In Stock
IN000011319Red2008 Old 900 Syrah2008 Old 900 Syrah$58.00In Stock
IN000010714Red2008 Toasted Slope Syrah2008 Toasted Slope Syrah$58.00In Stock
IN000010815Red2009 Grenache2009 Grenache$58.00In Stock
IN00001009Red2009 Mourvedre2009 Mourvedre$42.00In Stock
IN000011910Red2009 Toasted Slope Syrah2009 Toasted Slope Syrah$48.00In Stock
IN00000994Red2010 Block 2 Bio Syrah2010 Block 2 Bio Syrah$55.00In Stock
IN00000966Red2010 GSM2010 GSM$38.00In Stock
IN00000988White2010 Late Harvest Viognier2010 Late Harvest Viognier$24.00In Stock
IN00000952Red2010 Old 900 Syrah2010 Old 900 Syrah$48.00In Stock
IN00000973Red2010 Toasted Slope Syrah2010 Toasted Slope Syrah$38.00In Stock
IN000011017White2011 12 O'Clock High2011 12 O'Clock High$32.00In Stock
IN000011211White2011 12 O'Clock High RE-ORD2011 12 O'Clock High RE-ORD$32.00In Stock
IN000011722Red2011 Ann's Block Pet. Sir. REORD2011 Ann's Block Pet. Sir. REORD$48.00In Stock
IN000011521Red2011 Ann's Block Petite Sirah2011 Ann's Block Petite Sirah$48.00In Stock
IN000010916White2011 Claudia Cuvee2011 Claudia Cuvee$32.00In Stock
IN000011118White2011 Claudia Cuvee RE-ORD2011 Claudia Cuvee RE-ORD$32.00In Stock
IN000012124Red2011 Keystone Syrah2011 Keystone Syrah$42.00In Stock
IN000012427Red2011 Keystone Syrah RE ORD2011 Keystone Syrah RE ORD$42.00In Stock
IN00001165Red2011 Mourvedre2011 Mourvedre$42.00In Stock
IN00001187Red2011 Mourvedre REORDER2011 Mourvedre REORDER$42.00In Stock
IN000012528Red2011 Toasted Slope RE ORD2011 Toasted Slope RE ORD$42.00In Stock
IN000012023Red2011 Toasted Slope Syrah2011 Toasted Slope Syrah$42.00In Stock
IN000012326White2012 12 O'Clock High2012 12 O'Clock High$32.00In Stock
IN000012730White2012 12 O'Clock High RE-ORD2012 12 O'Clock High RE-ORD$32.00In Stock
IN000010512White2012 Grenache Blanc2012 Grenache Blanc$28.00In Stock
IN000011420Rose2012 Rose2012 Rose$20.00In Stock
IN000012225White2013 Grenache Blanc2013 Grenache Blanc$28.00In Stock
IN000012629White2013 Grenache Blanc RE ORD2013 Grenache Blanc RE ORD$28.00In Stock
IN00000940 Sunday February 12th Pick Up partyDiscounted for Members Sunday 2pm-5pm$10.00In Stock
IN00000911 Test Wine 1Test Wine 1$20.00In Stock
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