Updating customers

Active Club Solutions recommends that you maintain your data on wine club members and customers in Active Manager, either directly or through the Active Club web pages. If you choose to export transactions by one-to-one matching to customer names in QuickBooks (see Customer groups), you will need to keep the two systems’ customer records synchronized by periodically updating the records from Manager. Occasionally, customers may appear first in QuickBooks; for example, when tasting-room staff sign up a visitor as a new club member. In this case, you’ll need to copy the records from QuickBooks to Manager. It’s wise to perform this synchronization every week, and always before a club run.

Note: As part of the initial setup, you should already have imported the Customer ID numbers from QuickBooks into Active Manager.

Active Manager to QuickBooks

Use this procedure to add or update customer records from Active Manager to QuickBooks.

  1. In the Customer list, select one of the Quick Searches named 'Customers changed or inserted ' (sc. '< 30 days,' 'this week,' etc.).

  2. Select the customers to be exported.

  3. From the Actions menu, choose Export : Export to Accounting.

  4. From the File menu, choose Refresh Search (F5). For newly added customers, verify that Accounting Id reference numbers now appear.

  5. On the data access bar, click Job Log. Check the log for errors.

QuickBooks to Active Manager

Use this procedure to add or update customers from QuickBooks to Active Manager.

  1. In Manager, open the Customer list.

  2. From the View menu, choose Accounting Id.

  3. From the Actions menu, choose Import: Import from Accounting.

  4. Manager retrieves the reference numbers from QuickBooks and adds them to the External Ref 1 field in the Customer record (on the Accounting tab).

  5. From the File menu, choose Refresh Search (F5).

  6. On the data access bar, click Job Log. Check the log for errors.

Removing duplicate customers

If a customer’s name does not match exactly, Manager will create a duplicate entry in QuickBooks’ CUSTOMER list. When you find one of these, you can simply remove one of the duplicates, or you can merge the two records. Merging combines the two records’ customer histories and deletes the duplicate record.

To merge customer records in Manager:

Merging duplicate customers

  1. In the Customer list, select two records to be merged.

  2. From the Edit menu, choose Merge Selected.

  3. The Merge Customers dialog displays the two records you selected, and shows which one will be kept. Make sure that the record to be kept contains the QuickBooks accounting reference (External Ref 1, on the Accounting tab). If the duplicate record is the one that contains the correct data, click Swap to reverse their positions.

  4. Click Merge Customers.

A similar function is available in QuickBooks:

To merge customers in QuickBooks Accounting:

  1. From the Customers menu, choose Customer Center (Ctrl-J).

  2. On the Customers & Jobs tab, double-click the item you want to merge.

  3. In the Edit Customer dialog, change the Customer Name so that it matches the name of the record you want to keep.

  4. Merging duplicate customers

  5. Click OK.

  6. In the Merge dialog, click Yes.

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