Customer data

The Synchronize command matches customer records in Active Manager with their corresponding entries in QuickBooks Accounting. This needs to be done once to enable the two systems to share customer data.

The first step in the process is to use the Synchronize command to match record ID numbers from QuickBooks to Manager. Further actions may then be needed to handle any errors.

Merging customer IDs

  1. Open the Customer list.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Import : Synchronize with Accounting.

Manager compares the customer records in QuickBooks against its own customer list. When it finds a match, it copies the account ID number from QuickBooks to the External Ref 1 field in the Active Club Customer record.

Note: The Synchronize action matches customer records based on either the first and last name only, or the first and last name plus the postal code; you can set this option in the accounting interface setup dialog, in the Customer Synchronization field.

Once the operation is finished, open Manager’s Customer list and make sure that every customer has an ID number in the External Ref 1 column. (Use the view Accounting Id.)

Retrieving an ID manually

Occasionally, Manager may fail to import an External Ref 1 ID number for a customer. If the customer exists in both databases, you can attempt to retrieve the data manually.

To retrieve a customer ID from QuickBooks:

  1. In Active Manager, open the Customer list.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Import : Import from Accounting.

  3. In the QuickBooks Accounting Customer Search dialog, enter the customer’s Name, enclosed with a pair of “%” wild cards, for example: “%john smith%”.

  4. Click Import. This creates a duplicate record for the customer in Manager.

  5. Open this duplicate record.

  6. On the Accounting tab, copy the contents of the External Ref 1 field.

  7. Open the original customer record that will be kept.

  8. On the Accounting tab, paste the copied text into the External Ref 1 field.

  9. Click Save and Close.

  10. From the Actions menu, choose Export : Export to Accounting.

  11. (This step ensures that the records in Manager and QuickBooks are fully synchronized.)

  12. In QuickBooks, verify that the customer was transferred correctly.

  13. In Manager, delete the duplicate record.

  14. Open the Job Log list and check the log for errors.

Importing and exporting customers

For obvious reasons, Manager cannot retrieve a reference ID from QuickBooks if the customer’s record does not exist in one database or the other. In this event, you will need to merge the customer record from one system to the other.

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