Wholesale operations

Λctiv8 POS provides a wholesale mode of operation, for the use of sales personnel who take orders from resellers and other merchants. When the Enable Wholesale option is set for a location in Λctiv8 Manager, it appears on the Λctiv8 POS login screen. Choosing this location opens Λctiv8 POS with a different user interface from that of the normal retail system.

  To enable wholesale mode, you must first configure a number of settings in Λctiv8 Manager.

(To return to the standard interface, log out of Λctiv8 POS and select one of the retail locations.)

Creating a wholesale order

For a tutorial video on wholesale orders, see https://player.vimeo.com/video/281212059.

The wholesale mode interface begins with the New Wholesale Order tab, where you begin creating a wholesale sales order.

New Wholesale Order

First, select the location from which you want to pull the stock in the From field at the top of the form. (Normally, this will be the same warehouse location you logged in to.) Next, enter the customer’s name in the To field. To see a list of the companies already in your database, leave the search field blank and tap Search.

To add items to the order, select them from the Inventory list as you would for a new sales order. Note that in wholesale mode the system adds the first item in a case lot of twelve bottles. You can add or remove bottles one at a time with the and buttons.

Be sure to check the quantities carefully. They cannot be changed after the invoice is created.

Using retail prices

  Normally, Λctiv8 POS will use the Wholesale Unit Price you’ve defined for each item in its Inventory record in Λctiv8 Manager. To use the retail prices instead, check Use Retail Prices at the top of the dialog.

When you’ve confirmed that the order is correct, tap Save. Λctiv8 POS creates an inventory transaction and a wholesale invoice.

Processing the invoice

Once you’ve saved the order, Λctiv8 POS transfers it to the Pending Invoices tab. Here you’ll find a list of your outstanding wholesale invoices. When it enters the list, a sale has the Payment status 'Not Charged,' and the Ship Status 'Not Picked Up.'

Email Invoice dialogTo send the invoice to a wholesale customer, select it in the list and tap Email Invoice. In the Email Invoice dialog, edit the customer’s name and address as needed and tap Send. To send copies to other recipients, enter each name and address and tap Send again. When finished, tap Cancel.

If no payments have been made, you can delete a sale: tap Delete Invoice.

When picking up or delivering an order in person, you can have the customer sign for it. Tap Sign for Pickup/Delivery to display the signature pad.

To see what payments have already been made on a wholesale order, select it in the list and tap Payments. You can refund or void a payment with the corresponding buttons.

To take a payment, modify pricing, or apply a discount or promotion, tap Manage Order. This opens the Manage Order screen, which is similar to the Check Out screen in retail mode.

From here you can also ship an order: tap Ship Order to open the Shipping Information dialog, where you can enter the customer details just as you do when checking out in retail mode.

Note: Because the wholesale system does not use the real-time shipping-rate rules defined in Λctiv8 Manager, it’s important to enter the amount to be charged for shipping in the S&H Amount field.

The Order History

In wholesale mode, the Order History tab lists wholesale orders that have been paid for. From here, you can select an order and view the payments that have already been made or have a customer sign for pickup or delivery.

Managing customers

The Customers tab displays the wholesale customers in your database. Here you can add or edit a customer, view a customer’s order history, or return to the New Wholesale Order tab.

  To create a wholesale customer, open a Customer record in Λctiv8 Manager and assign the Type 'Wholesale' (or another Type that you’ve defined for wholesale customers).