Inventory and tools

On the Tools tab, you can add or change items in your inventory database, manage inventory transactions, or transfer inventory between locations. You’ll also find tools here for managing cash drawers and printers and requesting various reports.

Adding and updating inventory

To add or change an inventory item, go to the Tools tab and tap Add/Update Inventory. Enter the item’s Name (or begin typing to search for an existing item). Supply the SKU number, inventory Category, and other details as needed; then tap Save to save the record to the database. To change the quantity of an item in stock, enter the number to add or subtract in the Adjust On Hand +/− field (e.g., “1” or “−2”).

Adding an inventory item

To assign an inventory item to a different heading (on the New Order screen), select the new Heading from the list.

  Note: This action removes the item from its previous heading. To assign an item to multiple headings, edit its Inventory Stock record in Active Manager. To add or remove headings, edit Manager’s Heading list.

Do Not Discount disables item-level discounting for this item. When Item Counting Enabled is set to No, Active POS does not count this item when calculating the package size (for event tickets, flyers, memberships, and other items that take up insignificant packing space).

For a tutorial video on adding and updating inventory, see

Gift cards

To charge sales to gift cards that you have purchased from a payment gateway service, you must create an Inventory record for them. (Assign the Category 'Gift Card.') To sell a gift card, select it from the Inventory list and add it to a customer’s order as any other item on the New Order screen.

Inventory transactions

  Inventory Transactions are linked to the multilocation inventory management features of Active Manager. In Active POS, you can perform the following actions:

Adding an inventory item

To see the details of any inventory transaction, select it from the list and tap .

Transferring inventory

To transfer inventory items between locations, tap Transfer Inventory. Use the From and To drop-down lists to select the source and destination locations, and choose the inventory items to transfer from the Inventory list. You can adjust the quantity of each item to be transferred with the Actions buttons. To use the retail price of the item instead of the default COGS price, check Use Retail Prices. When finished, tap Transfer.

For a tutorial video on inventory transfers, see

Cash drawer functions

The Assign Drawer and Close Out Drawer buttons provide access to the functions for opening and closing out a cash drawer.

Managing printers

If the feature is enabled in Active Manager’s POS Configuration, the Add/Update Printer button lets you add printers on your local network. You can send items to these printers from the New Order and Pending Orders screens by pressing the Send Items button.

Note: The printers listed here need not include your receipt printer for the POS, which is defined in iPad’s Printer Settings for Active POS.


The Reports button lets you print or e-mail a copy of any of the following reports. Use Start Date and Finish Date to define the range of dates to include.

POS reports

Dashboard reports

On the Tools tab, tap Dashboard to display the Dashboard reports. These provide graphs of sales revenue, POS and club sales, or tips.

Dashboard reports

Tap each graph to reveal more detail. To change the time frame of a report, choose a date range at the right side of the screen.

  You can change which options appear on both sides of the display, as well as the text and colors of the buttons, in Active Managerʼs Rules list.