Work schedule and time clock

On the Schedule tab, you can view a list of work shifts for any date. All users can clock in or out of the system, and managers can add or change shifts and manage clock in/clock out records.

To view work schedules, select a date from the scrolling date bar. The Work Schedules list displays all employees’ assigned shifts for the date.

Note: To reselect todayʼs date, double-tap the date bar.

POS Work schedules

To add a shift for an employee, tap Add Schedule. You can add a shift to the current or any later date. To modify or delete a work shift, tap the corresponding button .

Clocking in and out

To clock in or out of the system, make sure the current date is selected. Tap Clock In/Clock Out and enter your PIN in the Clock In/Clock Out dialog.

The Clock In Clock Out list shows the Start and Finish times for each employee for the selected date.

Work schedules — Clock In Clock Out

To modify the times for an employee’s shift, or to delete a record, tap the corresponding button .

Work shift reports

To create a report of work schedules, or a list of clock in/out times, tap Reports (on the Tools tab). Select the range of dates for the report, and tap either Schedule (for shift information) or Clock In/Clock Out (for clock in/out times). You can choose to print or e-mail the report or view it in the dashboard display.

  Λctiv8 Manager administrators can view and maintain work schedules in the Work Schedule and Clock In/Clock Out lists.

For a tutorial video on work schedules and the time clock, see