Shipping and pickups

When shipping an order, Λctiv8 POS uses data from the customer’s default shipping address profile. You can change these details for the current order when checking out, or you can alter them permanently by modifying the profile directly.

To edit a customer’s shipping profile, open his or her record on the Customers tab and tap Pickup/Shipping. In the Pickup/Shipping Information screen, select the customer’s preferred Ship Method (Pickup or Ship). Edit the address as needed, and check Residential Address if it’s a noncommercial residence.

Customers—Shipping Information

(You can keep track of orders that are picked up in person on the Order History tab.)

Managing multiple shipping addresses

You can have multiple shipping addresses on file for any customer, and choose any of them to use when checking out an order. To add an address, tap Manage Addresses. In the Manage Shipping Addresses dialog, tap Add. (To modify or remove an address, select it and tap Update or Delete.)

To instruct Λctiv8 POS to use an address automatically, select it in the list, tap Update, and check Default at the bottom of the Shipping Address dialog.

For a tutorial video on managing multiple addresses (among other things), see