iPad setup

Active POS icon

Before you can use Active POS, you’ll need to configure some settings on the iPad. To open Settings, go to Settings > Active POS.

In Allow Active POS to Access, turn on Location to permit the POS to recognize the nearest inventory location. To enable the credit-card reader, turn on Microphone and make sure that the iPad’s volume control is set to maximum.

In Active Club POS Settings, make the following changes:

About: Choose a name for this POS Station. Each iPad should be identified with its own name.

Under Hardware, indicate your hardware:

Data Center: Choose the Active Data Center location closest to you.

Database Settings: Enter the name of your Active database. The “Timeout interval” determines how long Active POS will wait before it logs you out if you’re inactive.

Printer Settings: Turn on “Printer Active.” Enter your receipt printer’s IP Address and the Port number (9100).

To set up other network printers, so that you can use them with the Send Items command in Active POS, see Managing printers.

For a list of compatible hardware for Active POS, see Compatible hardware.

Active POS icon

To start Active POS, return to the Home screen and tap the Active POS icon.