iPad setup

Active POS icon

Before you can use Λctiv8 POS, you’ll need to configure some settings on the iPad. To open Settings, go to Settings > Activ8 POS.

In Allow Activ8 POS to Access, turn on Location to permit the POS to recognize the nearest inventory location. To enable the credit-card reader, turn on Bluetooth.

In Activ8 POS Settings, make the following changes:

About: Choose a name for this POS Station. Each iPad should be identified with its own name.

Under Hardware, indicate your hardware:

Worldpay Settings: If you use a card reader supplied by Vantiv/Worldpay, select it from the list and supply its IP Address.

Data Center: Choose the Λctiv8 data center location closest to you.

Database Settings: Enter the name of your Λctiv8 database. The “Timeout interval” determines how long Λctiv8 POS will wait before it logs you out if you’re inactive.

Printer Settings: Turn on “Printer Λctiv8.” Enter your receipt printer’s IP Address and the Port number (9100).

An IP address is not needed for the TSP100 Bluetooth or the All-in-One mPOP.

To set up other network printers, so that you can use them with the Send Items command in Λctiv8 POS, see Managing printers.

For a list of hardware compatible with Λctiv8 POS, see Compatible hardware.

Active POS icon To start Λctiv8 POS, return to the Home screen and tap the Activ8 POS icon.