Refunds and exchanges

Refunds and exchanges apply to sales that have already been completed; these are found on the Order History tab. To open one, choose a time period (“Today,” “Yesterday,” etc.) and select the transaction from the list. Tap to view its details and further options.

To issue a refund, tap Refund Items to reverse charges on individual items, Refund Order to reverse the entire transaction, or Refund Shipping to reverse the shipping charges on an order. Refunds may require authorization from a manager. (Manager PINs are assigned in Λctiv8 Manager.)

When you attempt to issue a partial refund immediately after charging a customer’s credit card, you may encounter an error from the payment gateway reporting that the transaction has been “batched” and cannot be refunded. You can contact the gateway for authorization to make such immediate refunds.

Cash refunds

  Λctiv8 POS can be set to offer the option of making a refund in cash. To enable this feature, change the POS Configuration setting Allow Refund in Cash Option in Λctiv8 Manager to 'Yes.'

To process an exchange, tap Swap. On the New Order screen, locate the item to be exchanged and tap Refund. Λctiv8 POS adds a reversing entry to the Items list. To replace the exchanged item with a different one, select it from the Inventory list as you do for a new sales order.

Issuing a refund

When a refund or exchange leaves a balance due the customer, the Refund button will be available at checkout.

For a tutorial video on refunds and exchanges, see