Completing a pending order

To complete a sale that you’ve postponed, tap the Pending Orders tab. Select the order from the Pending Orders list. You can change the quantity of any item as needed.

Pending orders

To add more items to the order, tap Add to Order. (This returns you to the New Order screen, where you can select inventory items as if you were creating a new sales order.) You can also select an item to view the Item Details.

To send a list of items to a printer, tap Send Items.

You can add network printers with the Add/Update Printer button on the Tools tab.

When you’ve finished adjusting items and quantities, tap Check Out to proceed to the Check Out screen.

Shared pending orders

When you create a pending order, it’s visible only on the POS station where it was taken. Once you complete it with the Check Out button, or save it with the Save Order button, it becomes a “shared” order, which you can view from any station. To see these transactions, tap the Shared tab.

For a tutorial video on pending orders, see