Placing a sales order

To place a new sales order:

Selecting the customer

On the New Order tab, first select the customer’s name: In the Customer lookup list, enter a few letters of the first or last name and tap Search. Choose a name from the list. Λctiv8 POS displays the name and the clubs that the customer belongs to.

If you leave the name blank, Λctiv8 POS assigns the name “POS Customer” to the order.

You can add items to an order by any of these methods:

The selected inventory item appears in the Items list. To increase the quantity on order, tap the item in the Inventory list again, or select the item in the Items list and tap . To remove an item from the order, tap . When the order’s correct, tap Check Out to go to the Check Out screen.

To send the list of items to a printer, tap Send Items.

You can add network printers with the Add/Update Printer button on the Tools tab.

Item details

Item DetailsTo view inventory details for an item, click its entry in the list to display the Item Details screen.

  Λctiv8 POS reads the Details text from the Inventory record in Λctiv8 Manager (on the Notes tab).

If you enter text in the Note field (Modifiers), Λctiv8 POS will treat the entry as a unique item: adding another similar item will create a new entry in the list, instead of simply increasing the quantity on order. This enables a server to split and modify an order — for example when two customers order the same salad, but one wishes to hold the dressing. The added notes appear when you send the order to a printer.

For a tutorial video on adding notes to orders, see

Pending orders

If you don’t go directly to Check Out, Λctiv8 POS saves the order in the Pending Orders list for the current station. To move it to the list of shared pending orders, tap Save Order.

Product packages

You can create a product package that contains a selected group of items to be sold together as a unit. You can modify the selling price or discount applied to the individual items in the package. The package appears just as any other item in the Inventory list, where you can select it and add it to the list of items for checkout.

  Product packages are created in the Package list in Λctiv8 Manager.

For a tutorial video on placing orders and checking out, see