Logging in

Active POS login screen

When you start Active POS, the application presents the Active Point of Sale login screen. Enter your four-digit PIN to log in.

Clearing the cache

POS Clear Cache button  If you have made changes to Rules or POS Configuration in Active Manager, tap Clear Cache to refresh the database and apply them immediately. Otherwise, these changes will not take effect until the next day.

Selecting a location

The Select a Location screen presents a list of your inventory locations. Tap the one you want to use, then tap Continue.

Active POS location selector

If you have iPad’s Location Services turned on, Active POS will choose the nearest location automatically.

  The available locations are defined in Active Managerʼs POS Configuration. If the option Only Managers to use this Location is set to 'Yes,' that location will appear in the list only if you log in to Active POS with a managerʼs PIN.

Note: When you log in to a location that you’ve designated for wholesale operations, Active POS will open in wholesale mode, which has its own interface.