Viewing the order history

On the Order History tab, you can view the history of all orders taken through Λctiv8 POS for the past day, week, or month. The Search button lets you search the list by transaction number, Type, Subtype, a range of dates, pickup location, the employee who processed the order. (You must enter a search value in at least one field.)

Order History

(To see the order history for a single customer, open the customer’s record on the Customers tab.)

In the Order History list, tap to add or view operator’s notes on a transaction.

To view full details for an item, select it and tap . If the transaction hasn’t been completed, you can make a number of changes:

Modifying an orderIf the sale hasn’t been charged, Modify Order returns you to the New Order tab, where you can make changes in the order details. Check Out returns to the Check Out screen to complete the order.

To print or e-mail a receipt for the sale, tap Receipt. (Ensure that your printer is configured properly in iPad Settings.) To void an entire transaction, tap Void.

The Refund and Swap buttons let you process refunds and exchanges.

Signing for pickups

When a customer picks up an order, if the sale has been charged you can have him or her sign for it: tap Sign For Order and have the customer enter a signature in the Signature dialog.

Pickup List displays a list of orders that have not been picked up. To mark one of these as “Picked Up,” select it in the list and tap Sign For Order.

Note: The pickup list includes transactions for only the past ninety days. To locate an older order, open the customer’s record on the Customers tab and tap Order History.

For a tutorial video on using the pickup list, see