Active POS: Compatible hardware

The following hardware has been tested and verified compatible with Active POS:

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

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Note: Any iPad model may be used with Bluetooth-enabled credit-card readers (e.g. those from OpenEdge). Other readers (e.g. EVOʼs) require an audio output (headphone) jack, which is not included in some models (e.g., iPad Pro).

Alternatively, you can provide a headphone jack for an iPad that lacks one by adding a USB hub.

Credit-card reader

Card readers are supplied by your credit-card payment processor. If you plan on using more than one iPad in the tasting room, please make sure you have at least one spare card reader for each iPad. When using Active POS for offsite sales, consider stocking additional card readers.

Cash drawer

POS cash drawer

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Receipt printer

POS receipt printer

Note: Use LAN version only. USB and Bluetooth printers are not supported.

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Label printer paper

Printer paper

  • BPA-free ROLLXY Thermal Paper — 3⅛″ × 230′ (CT-S300)

POS label printer

Label printer

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Barcode scanner

POS barcode scanner

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Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Note: A UPS is not required, but is recommended. Any equivalent unit is acceptable.

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