Gift cards and loyalty points

You can sell Λctiv8 gift cards on the POS and apply them to purchases when creating orders. You can assign a card a value either in advance or at the point of sale, and you can add value to a card at any time.

For details on enabling and creating gift cards, see the Λctiv8 Manager User’s Guide. For tutorial videos on using gift cards with the POS, see and

For rewards that are keyed to individual customers’ names, you can award loyalty points.

Loading a gift cardTo load or add to a gift card: On the New Order screen, tap Add/Reload Gift Card. When the Add/Reload Gift Card dialog opens, enter the gift card number or scan the barcode on the card and select a dollar value to assign or add to it.

Redeeming a gift cardTo apply a card to a purchase: In the Check Out screen, tap Gift Card. When the Gift Card dialog appears, enter the card number or scan the barcode. You can change the Payment amount or add a Tip. Tap Redeem and complete the order as usual.

Awarding loyalty points

To reward customers for repeat shopping, Manager can award points, based on a percentage of the selling price of each purchase, which a customer can redeem against future purchases. The customer is usually identified by a loyalty card containing a barcode, which you can scan at the POS to identify him and retrieve the number of accumulated points. Cards can be personalized with a customer’s name, or generic (anonymous) cards that you hand out at the POS.

For details on enabling and creating loyalty cards, see the Λctiv8 Manager User’s Guide.

Assigning to a customer

If a loyalty card was created as a personalized card, the system will recognize the customer as soon as you scan the barcode, on the New Order screen, the Check Out screen, or the Customers tab. If you distribute anonymous cards, you can assign one to a customer at checkout.

Assigning a loyalty cardTo assign a loyalty card to a customer, tap Membership on the Customers tab. Enter the customer’s name, and then enter the loyalty card number or scan the barcode in to the Membership screen. Tap Save.

You can assign the same loyalty card to more than one customer.

Note: In addition to cards generated in Manager, you can create a loyalty card from any barcode-scannable object, such as a driver’s license or supermarket discount card.

Redeeming loyalty points

Redeeming loyalty pointsAfter you create a sales order, the Redeem Points button on the Check Out screen shows the number of points available. Tap to open the Loyalty Points screen, where you can enter the number of points to apply to the purchase. Λctiv8 POS creates a payment defined as a gift card in the corresponding amount.