Managing cash drawers

Before you can process orders with Λctiv8 POS, you must assign the POS station you’re using to a cash drawer.

  The cash drawer features are enabled in the POS Configuration settings in Λctiv8 Manager.

Assigning a drawer

To assign a cash drawer:

  1. On the Tools tab, tap Assign Drawer.
  2. In the Assign To: field, enter the employee’s name.

  3. Note: If you prefer not to assign the drawer to a specific employee, you can create a generic person record with the name “Cash Drawer.”

  4. Count the coins and bills in the employee’s tray and adjust the Quantity figures as needed.
  5. Tap Open Drawer and place the cash tray in the drawer.
  6. Tap Assign.

You can also connect the Λctiv8 POS application on your iPad to any other cash drawer that is currently assigned.

To connect to an existing assigned drawer:

  1. On the Tools tab, tap Assign Drawer.
  2. Tap Existing Drawers.
  3. In the list, tap the drawer you want to connect to.

Cashing out

To close out a cash drawer:

  1. On the Tools tab, tap Close Out Drawer.
  2. From the list, choose the cash drawer to be closed out.
  3. Closing out a cash drawer

  4. To print a summary of sales made from POS stations assigned to the drawer, tap Print Summary.
  5. Count the cash in the till and enter the correct quantities.
  6. Tap Close Out.
  7. Tap Open Drawer and remove the cash tray from the drawer.

Opening the drawer

The Open Drawer button appears on the Assign Drawer, Close Out Drawer, and Receipt screens, so that you can add or remove cash from a drawer without making a sale.

For a tutorial video on the cash drawer features, see