Managing customers

To manage a customer’s details, go to the Customers tab and enter the person’s name.

To edit a customer’s profile details:

On the Customers tab, tap Profile. Edit the name, Phone Number, and other details as needed. For gift memberships, select the Gift option Yes, enter the gift recipient’s e-mail address (Giftee E-mail), and add a Gift Note to be sent to the recipient with the gift confirmation e-mail.

POS Customer tab

Note: The fields “License #” and “License State” refer to the customer’s driver’s license.

To manage club memberships

On the Customers tab, tap Membership. Here you can select the clubs of which the customer is an active member. If different membership types are available (Reds, Whites, etc.), you can select a type from the drop-down list. To remove or change the membership type, clear the Active option. To place a membership on hold, check On Hold and enter a start and finish date in the On Hold screen.

POS Membership tab

The upper portion of the Membership screen contains details of any loyalty points assigned to the customer. You can scan in a loyalty card to retrieve the Card Number, and activate it by tapping Active.

To edit a member’s mailing information, credit-card details, or shipping instructions, tap Mailing, Billing, or Shipping.

Notes: On the Mailing Information screen, you can use the Distribute Address button to copy the address details to the Credit Card and Shippng screens.

On the Credit Card Information screen, the Credit Card #, Credit Card Type, and Expiration fields are disabled. To update a customer’s card information, tap Swipe Card and pass the card through the credit-card reader.

To view a customer’s order history, tap Order History. Here, you can select an order from the list and view its details, issue a refund or exchange, take a signature, or perform any of the operations available on the Order History tab. To create a new sales order for the customer, tap New Order.

To add a new customer, tap Add Customer. Λctiv8 POS clears the screen so that you can enter details for a new Customer profile, as described above. Tap Save to save the record to the database.

For a tutorial video on managing customers in Λctiv8 POS, see