Checking out

Checking out

Editing transaction details

Before charging a sale, you can modify some of the details of the current transaction. At the left side of the Check Out screen, tap the buttons to make changes:

Changing individual items

Line Item OverridesAfter you’ve added an item to an order, you can change its price or discount percentage. Tap the entry in the Items list, enter the manager’s PIN (if required), and make the changes in the Line Item Overrides dialog.

Note: For product packages, you can modify only the discount percentage. Changing the price will have no effect.

If the item is set to Do Not Discount in the Inventory record in Λctiv8 Manager, you can override the setting here by setting Do Not Discount to 'No.'

Splitting an item

Splitting an itemOccasionally, you may wish to sell more than one of an item, but allow a discount on only some of them — for example, for a “buy one, get one half off” promotion. To split an item into discounted and nondiscounted groups, tap next to its entry. In the Split Item dialog, adjust the number of items in each group. Return to the Check Out screen, select the item you want to discount, and adjust it in the Line Item Overrides dialog.

Editing customer details

To change the customer’s phone number, e-mail address, club memberships, or other details, or to add a new customer, tap Add/Edit Customer and make the changes on the Customers screen.

Note: If you create a sale for a customer who is not in your database and send an e-mail receipt or create a shipping order, Λctiv8 POS creates a new Customer record and links the transaction to it.

Modifying the order

To modify an order before accepting payment for it, tap Modify Order. Λctiv8 POS returns to the New Order tab.

Printing an order summary

To print an order summary that you can give to the customer before the order is paid for, tap Print Pre-Receipt.

Choosing a payment method

To process a payment by cash or check, tap Cash or Check. Enter the amount tendered, or the check number, and tap Done.

Credit Card screenTo charge the sale to a credit card, first make sure that the credit-card reader is plugged in to the iPad’s audio connector (if using the Shuttle or bbpos CHC readers), and the volume is turned up. Tap Credit Card. Λctiv8 POS displays the Credit Card screen. Swipe the card from top to bottom (or insert the card, if you have an EMV reader and the customer has a chipped card). (To update the customer’s card information in your database, check Update Customer Credit Card On File before swiping the card.)

  Note: If your credit-card payments are processed through EVO Payments, you may occasionally see authentication errors when charging a customerʼs card. You may be able to clear the error by resetting the password in the card reader: see Merchant data entry in Λctiv8 Manager.

To charge the sale to a customer’s card that you’ve accepted before, tap Card On File.

When accepting a payment to a credit card on file, be sure to verify the customer’s identity against a driver’s license or other photo ID.

Split payments

Splitting a payment The POS accepts partial payments on a sale, so that a party of customers can split a check. To split a payment, tap Split Amount.

To see a list of payments that have already been made, tap Payments on the Checkout screen.

In the Order Complete dialog, tap Close Order to complete the sale.

When a credit card isn’t at hand or the reader can’t recognize it, you may be able to enter the number manually on a terminal or web portal provided by the payment gateway. Once you’ve entered a card this way, press Process External in the Credit Card dialog to enter the sale amount, tip, and card details. To allow any later refunds for the order, you must also include the Transaction ID provided by the gateway.

  Note: The Process External button will not appear if this feature is turned off in the POS Configuration in Λctiv8 Manager.

To charge to a gift card issued by your payment gateway (e.g., OpenEdge), tap Gift Card and follow the instructions for credit cards above. change to Λctiv8 gift card, change instrux

If the balance on a customer’s gift card or prepaid credit card is less than the amount due, Λctiv8 POS will accept the remaining balance on the card, but provide the option of canceling the payment should the customer choose not to use the card.

Tips and signature

Tip Suggestions and signature If youʼve enabled these features in Λctiv8 Managerʼs POS Configuration, swiping a credit card will open the Tip Suggestions screen, which displays a list of options for tips (e.g., “15%,” “20%”). You can hand the iPad to the customer to choose an option, sign for the order, and select an e-mailed or printed receipt.

  To create a new tip option, add a rule in Λctiv8 Manager. Assign the Type 'Point of Sale' and Subtype 'Tip Percentages.' Enter the tip percentage as the Amount (e.g., “15.00”) and the label that the customer will see (e.g., “15%”) in the Description field.


After a payment is accepted, Λctiv8 POS displays the Receipt screen, where you can choose to print or e-mail a receipt, or both.

Active POS Receipt dialog

Future pickups and deliveries

To designate an order for future pickup or delivery, check Future Pickup/Delivery on the Order Complete screen. The order will retain the status Not Picked Up or Not Shipped (in the Order History) until it has been signed for or shipped.

Keeping an order open

To keep an order open after charging a sale (for example, when charging a tasting fee that will be reversed after the customer makes a purchase) tap Keep Order Open in the Order Complete dialog. The transaction will move to the Pending Orders list, where you can select it and complete the sale later.

If the Hold for Tips feature is enabled, you can hold an order for an expected tip by tapping Hold Order for Tip. When the tip is received, update the payment amount on the Tip Orders screen.

  Keep Order Open and Hold Order for Tip are enabled in the POS Configuration settings in Λctiv8 Manager.

Zero-balance and balance-due transactions

You may want to record transactions where no money changes hands — for example, to keep track of tastings you don’t charge for. When the Amount Owed for a transaction is $0.00, you can tap Complete Order to record it in the database.

To refund a tasting fee that has already been paid (for example, after the customer makes a purchase), process the transaction as a refund or exchange, on the Order History tab.

When the Amount Owed shows a balance due the customer — for example, after an exchange — tap Refund.

Postponing an order

Occasionally, before you complete a transaction, you may need to place it on hold to take another order. To start the new order, tap New Order and follow the steps outlined at Placing a sales order. Λctiv8 POS will save the incomplete transaction on the Pending Orders tab. There, you can select it from the list and finish processing it as described at Completing a pending order.

To delete a sales order without finishing the checkout process, tap Delete Order.

Note: You cannot delete an order once a payment has been processed for it.