Using third-party gift cards

In addition to gift cards you create in Λctiv8 Manager, you can issue your customers cards from other sources:

In Λctiv8 POS, a bank-issued gift card is equivalent to a standard credit card. To accept it in payment for a sale, tap the Credit Card button on the Check Out tab, swipe the card, and follow the remaining steps as for a usual credit-card payment. If the purchase amount exceeds the available balance on the card, Λctiv8 POS will adjust the Payment amount to match the available balance, and offer the option of either canceling the payment or processing the transaction for this amount.

Gateway-issued gift cards are retail items you sell to customers. A card’s value can be set in two ways:

Inventory items

To sell cards as retail items, you must create an inventory entry for them. On the Tools tab, tap Add/Update Inventory. In the dialog, enter the details:

There are two strategies for “loading” open-valued gift cards. One is to create only a single “Gift Card” inventory item, give it a Price of $0, and assign each card a specific value on the Check Out screen at the time it is sold. This method can make it difficult to keep track of the actual value of any particular card.

Active Club Solutions recommends instead creating a small number of discrete inventory items for cards that you sell for specific amounts—$10, $25, $50, etc.

Selling a card

To sell a card to a customer, select it as any other inventory item from the Inventory list on the New Order screen. If the card’s Price is unspecified ($0), you’ll be able to assign an exact value on the Check Out screen.

Note: You cannot apply this gift card to another item in the same transaction. To sell a card and use it immediately, you’ll need to postpone the merchandise order, create a separate sales order for the card, and then retrieve the first order from the Pending Orders list and activate the card.

Charging the card

Before a customer can make a purchase with the card, you’ll need to activate it. On the New Order screen, tap Activate/Reload Gift Card. In the Activate Gift Card dialog, select 'Open' or 'Pre-Valued,' and enter the Amount. Enter the Card Number and PIN, or swipe the card through the card reader. When finished, tap Done.

To apply the card to a sale, tap Check Out as usual. On the Check Out screen, tap Gift Card. In the Gift Card dialog, enter the Payment amount and swipe the card.