Active POS release notes—earlier versions

Version 2018.10.146

Ability to process Active managed Gift Cards. This includes Purchasing, Loading, and Redeeming.

Ability to assign Loyalty Cards to customers. Active then will track purchases and assign points for purchases and then allow the customer to redeem awarded points.

Redesigned Customer screens so that now there is a new screen called Memberships which includes the loyalty card information and membership details.

Users can set customers on hold from the POS. They can also assign a suspend and restart date.

Designed and implemented a more efficient way of updating and recording new passwords for our merchants that use EVO as their gateway.

Redesigned the Schedule and Clock In/Clock Out functionality.

Various bug fixes.

Version 2017.10.131

Time clock

Staff work schedule

POS reporting

Bug fixes

Watch the Active POS release video for ver. 2017.10.131.

Version 2017.4.106

New payment gateway: Added a new gateway (EVO), which uses a mobile EMV card reader that plugs in to the iPad’s headset jack.

Refund orders: When refunding items or an order, Active POS now selects the new order so that you can easily print a receipt if needed.

Tip suggestions: When selecting the Email option while using the Tip Suggestions on the Signature popup and then process the Payment, the email address just entered now appears. [CV/AH]

Cash refunds: Added a new switch in Active Manager’s POS Configuration table: Allow Refund In Cash Option. When refunding an order, if this is set to 'Yes' and the order’s Payment Status is 'Charged,' Active POS will display the message “Would you prefer to refund this amount in cash?”

Enabling the cash drawer: New switch Enable Cash Drawer Functions. If set to 'No,' Assign Drawer, Close Out Drawer, and all cash drawer functions will be hidden.

End of Day: In Close Out Drawer, moved End of Day to a separate screen.

Multiple e-mail addresses can now be entered and recognized.

Upgraded POS features to iOS 10 or later.

Version 2017.1.96

Watch the video:

Version 2016.7.88


Sending a list of items to multiple printers on your network

Disable Process External option on the Credit Card payment screen

Splitting a sales item to assign different discounts

Future pickups and deliveries

Version 2016.05.80

mPOP Integration with Socket Mobile scanner: You can now use the mPOP’s printer and cash drawer in combination with the Socket Mobile barcode scanner.

Clear Cache: We have added a Clear Cache button to the login screen so that if you make changes to POS Configuration or Rules in Active Manager you don’t have to wait until the following day for them to take effect.

Summary of total sales and tips: Added a summary of Total Sales, Total Tips, and Total Amount to the Order History display.

Clearing the Membership Type: On the Customers screen, removing the Active option for a club in the Membership(s) list now clears the membership type.

Tip enhancements

Tip and Total with Tip: The Order History screens now display the Tip and Total with Tip amounts, in place of Amount Paid and Balance.

Would you like to Refund Tip?: This popup message will now appear if a tip has been collected on an order and needs to be refunded.

Tip suggestions: A button at the top right of all payment screens now displays a dynamic list of suggested tip percentages. The employee can hand the iPad to the customer to choose one of the suggestions or enter a different tip amount. If you have enabled signatures, the customer can then sign for the payment and choose a printed or e-mailed receipt.

The list of tip suggestions is created by adding Rules in Active Manager (Type 'Point of Sale' and Subtype 'Tip Percentages'). Enter the tip percentage as the Amount (e.g., “15.00”); the Description field contains the label that the customer will see (e.g., “15%”).

Promotions and promo codes

Fixed amount promotions: You can now create a rule of Type 'Transaction,' Subtype 'Promo Discount,' and Amount Type 'Fixed Cost.' This will add to the Inventory list a line item “Promotion Discount,” displaying the name you supply in the Description field. When you add this item to an order, the Promotions popup will now display it as a fixed amount.

Shipping promo codes: When creating shipping orders from the POS, you can now select a promotion for a discount on the cost of shipping. These are also set up as rules in Active Manager (Type 'Transaction'; Subtype 'Shipping Promo'). The discount can be a fixed amount or a percentage.

Version 2016.03.70


Rambler 3 credit card reader: We now support two card readers, the IDTech Shuttle and the Anywhere Commerce Rambler 3. The Rambler 3 was added to support our Tempus Gateway clients. The default card reader will be the Shuttle, so our current customers don’t need to do anything. New customers using the Tempus gateway will need to go to Active POS settings on the iPad and select the Rambler 3.

mPOP support: We now are integrated with the All-In-One mPOP. This machine has a printer, cash drawer, and scanner which can now be used with Active POS. To activate the mPOP, select this device from the new Printer option in iPad Settings. You will also need to turn on Bluetooth and use it to connect to the mPOP device.

Customer pickup location: We have added the ability to choose a Pickup Location for a customer on the Customer Profile screen. When adding a new customer, this value will default to the location that you are currently logged in to.

Signatures: The Receipt screen now displays a Digitally Sign link that will allow you to record a signature. If your customer signs for an order, Active POS will print only the customer copy of the receipt. When multiple payments are made on an order, you can record a signature for each payment. You can view these signatures in Active Manager on the Transaction Payment tab. If a signature exists, the View Signature button will let you verify quickly that the customer signed for the order. The option to accept signatures can be enabled or disabled for each POS location, through a setting in Manager's POS Configuration record.

Automatically opening the cash drawer: POS Configuration now offers two options:

To disable automatic opening completely, set both options to 'No' in POS Configuration.

Refund order with tip: When refunding orders from the POS, a new popup dialog asks whether you want to refund the tip as well. The Void button will continue to refund the tip automatically.

Order History search: We have added a button to the Order History screen that will let you search by Ref. No (Transaction ID), Type, Subtype, date range, or pickup location. To prevent accidentally attempting to load all past transactions, you must enter at least one of these values.

Adding list filters: For each POS Configuration record, you can now create additional filters for Inventory, Order History, Pending Orders, Tip Orders, and Pickup Orders, by including text in the Where clause for each search. This technique can be used, for example, to filter out archived inventory that still has inventory stock available, or to override the ninety-day Pickup List history limit by changing the date. Remember that any changes made to the POS Configuration table will not take effect until the following day, unless you make a special request to have it refreshed outside normal business hours.

Club pickup only function: There is now an option to turn off all features of the POS except for signing for pickups and adding or updating customer information. Active Manager Administrators can enable this option on a per-user basis.

Location-specific display: In order to manage multiple store locations more efficiently, Active POS now displays and reports on only the location where you are currently logged in. The display of open cash drawers, pending orders, tip orders, and order history is limited to those for the current location only; and printable reports now show information for only the current location.

Bug Fixes

Tools : Add/Update Inventory: We've corrected problems with displaying inventory information; adjustments to inventory values are now saved correctly in your database. In addition, we have added the ability to change the settings for Do Not Discount and Item Counting Enabled.

Activate/Issue Gift Card: The popup dialog has been widened so that you can view the whole gift card number when entering it. You can now enter the card number and PIN manually if the card reader fails to read the gift card information.

Cash Drawer: Fixed the problem of the system's asking the operator to reassign a cash drawer when the current drawer hasn't been closed out. The display of the currently assigned drawer is now cleared properly when a cash drawer is closed out.

Version 2015.10.63

Installation: This release will be available through the Apple App Store.

POS Configuration: A POS Configuration record is now required in Active Manager for every inventory location from which inventory will be sold through the POS. POS Configuration contains settings to turn features of Active POS on and off for each location. For details, see Active Manager help.

POS Station Names: The iPad Settings for Active POS now include a Station Name (set by default to “Station 1”). This can be changed as needed; each POS station should be assigned a unique name. In Active Manager, the Transaction record displays the names of the stations on which a transaction was created and closed.

Assign Drawer: Now shows when a drawer has been assigned to the POS station. A new Open Drawer button opens the drawer so that cash can be added to it.

Close Out Drawer: Print Summary and the Print option for End of Day summary now work. The templates for these reports can be edited in Active Manager. A new Open Drawer button opens the drawer so that cash can be removed.

Shared pending orders: A “pending” order can only be seen on the POS station where it was created. Once you save it with the Save Order button, or complete it with the Check Out button, it becomes a “shared” order, which you can view on any station by tapping the Shared tab on the Pending Orders screen.

Manually entered credit cards: When a credit card is unavailable or unreadable, you can enter the card number manually on a terminal (provided by the payment gateway) that permits it. In the POS Credit Card Payment dialog, you can then tap the Process External button and enter the sale amount, tip, credit-card details, and the transaction ID number from the gateway. The transaction ID (obtained from the terminal or the gateway’s web portal) is required in order to issue any refunds later through either the POS or Active Manager.

Prepaid and gift cards: When charging a sale to a prepaid card that has insufficient available balance, the POS now offers the option of canceling the transaction.

The POS can now activate, issue funds to, and process payments with both “open” and “predefined” gift cards issued by your gateway.

New customer records from e-mail receipts and shipping requests: When a new customer is sent a single e-mail receipt for a sale, or requests that an order be shipped, the POS will add the name and e-mail address from the receipt or the shipping information to a new customer record and attach it to the transaction, so that the transaction will appear in the new customer’s Order History.

Updating inventory records: In addition to adding new inventory records, you can now look up and edit existing inventory. On the Tools tab, tap Add/Update Inventory and search for an item’s Name. To change an item’s Quantity On Hand, enter the number to add or subtract in the Adjust On Hand +/- field (e.g., “1” or “-2”).

Transferring inventory: You can now transfer inventory between locations (Tools > Transfer Inventory). This must be enabled for each location in Active Manager.

The Customers tab now includes the Mailing and Billing buttons, for viewing and modifying information in the Customer record. If a customer is not making a purchase, credit-card details can be added to the record with the Swipe Card button. Credit-card information is read-only and can only be updated by swiping a card.

Version 2015.5.26

Select a Location: If you have iPad’s Location Services turned on, Active POS will now choose the nearest location automatically.

New Order: The POS now uses the On Hand quantity to determine what inventory can be displayed and sold through the POS. The Inventory list displays the quantities On Hand (O) and Available (A), so that you can see when inventory needs to be restocked.

Check Out: The POS can now accept multiple payments per order, enabling a party of customers to split a check. The Payments button lets you list any payments that have already been made on an order before closing it out.

The Gift Card button now lets customers pay with gift cards issued by OpenEdge (PayPros). You can purchase these gift cards with your company logo on them. Regular Visa or Mastercard gift cards can be processed using the Credit Card button.

The new Print Pre-Receipt button now provides an order summary that you can give to the customer before the order is paid for.

You can now issue more than one refund on an order, as long as it still includes an unrefunded balance.

When shipping an order, you can now choose a shipping method and carrier at checkout. The system will calculate charges based on options set for the customer in Active Manager.

You can now add notes on a transaction from the Check Out screen (tap Add Note). Notes you add here will appear in the Memo field of Active Manager’s Transaction record. (Note: At present, these comments do not appear in the POS.)

Tip Orders: You can now enter a tip when an order is paid for. At checkout, you can also print a receipt on which the customer can enter a tip amount, to be entered later on the Tip Orders screen.

Order History: Sorting by date is now working properly. The Order History screen for individual customers now looks and functions like the main Order History screen.

Tools: Calculations on the Open Drawer and Close Out Drawer screens are now working properly.

Customers: On the Customers screen, the new New Order button opens the New Order screen for the selected customer.

Version 1.2.0 (2015.3.28)

1. You can now assign an iPad to a currently open drawer. This will allow you to assign multiple iPads to one cash drawer, using the Assign POS to Drawer button on the Assign Drawer screen. It will display a list of currently assigned cash drawers to choose from. This feature is helpful when you have one stationary iPad and multiple iPads that can move around the tasting room.

2. You can now also disable print features from a mobile iPad in the iPad Settings. When you don't have access to a printer or cash drawer, this will speed up order processing by disabling the printer communication. You will still be able to e-mail receipts.

3. Keeping an order open after checkout allows you to process tasting fees up front. The order remains in the Pending Orders list, and you can refund any part of it or add items and have all the calculations done for you.

4. You can use this same feature for club order swaps. Just select the club order from the Order History screen and tap Swap. Since the order was already paid for when you ran your club, you can refund any item or swap it for another one, streamlining this process into one transaction.

5. The POS now supports barcode scanners sold by Socket Mobile. If you would like to start using the barcode scanner, George or the folks at POS Portal can help you obtain the equipment needed. It takes less than two minutes to set up your scanner once you receive the equipment.

Notes for current release