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he web toolkit is a set of web-based techniques by which Active Club Solutions’ winery clients may offer their customers a number of online features:

Active Club’s designer adds the web features to an existing host site by inserting a number of HTML inline frame (<IFRAME>) elements. To interact with one another in environments that disallow the use of “cookies” (e.g., Safari, Facebook), the iframes respond to browser events and communicate with one another by sending messages to a server-side script, which uses JavaScript commands to manage the related iframes as needed. A script within each iframe reads product, customer, and transaction data from the company’s Active Club database and displays it dynamically in the browser.

The HTML returned from the catalog script also determines the layout and format of the text within the embedded iframes, using a number of CSS classes. By modifying the associated style sheets, the designer can select alternate layouts and modify the iframes’ appearance as needed to match the existing host site. Furthermore, the specific text of most fields within the frames is defined in the customer’s database, where it can be modified as needed through the Active Club Manager application. (For example, to change “Login” to “Log in.”)

Figure 1: Web toolkit components
iframe web tools diagram

Figure 1 illustrates the relationships among the web toolkit components and the host site.

To implement the toolkit features, the designer copies the appropriate code template to a new or existing web site, modifies a small number of parameters to refer to the specific client’s database, and adds two sets of CSS styles to the host page.

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