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Iframe CSS styles

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The following sections illustrate the various available iframe components, and indicate where to find the CSS selectors that control their display styles:

login and My Account header

member login form

product catalog

product details display

shopping cart editor

“shopping basket”

catalog display menu

member choice catalog

user message display

The CSS style sheets also include the @media queries which respond to device display dimensions. For an example of a complete iframe CSS file, see CSS file structure.

Editing the styles

Editing CSS style sheets

To modify a web site, use a text or HTML/CSS editor to compare the following three documents:

Note that in addition to the CSS styles, you can modify the text of most of the fields and labels in any of the iframes (e.g., “Available,” “Vintage,” or “QTY”) as needed in the corresponding Frame Configuration records.

   Login and My Account header

   The member login form

   The product catalog

   The product details display

   The shopping cart editor

   The “shopping basket”

   The display menu

   The member choice catalog

   The user message display

   The @media queries