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In addition to your club and retail sales, you can also use Λctiv8 Manager to sell products to wholesale customers such as distributors, restaurants, resellers, and exporters. You can designate those whom Manager will treat as wholesale customers, and write sales orders to them through Manager, your web site, or Λctiv8 POS. Manager creates invoices for these orders, which you can export to QuickBooks Accounting, and you can take full or partial payments on them in either Manager or QuickBooks. Wholesale transactions also create inventory transaction records for the associated stock movements.

Wholesale orders involve a number of operations in Manager:

Defining wholesale customers

You can define any number of customer types as “Wholesale” customers. Manager recognizes these types when you create a sale, and applies the wholesale price you set in the Inventory record. These names will appear on the Customer list when you use the wholesale mode of Λctiv8 POS. To create a wholesale customer, set the Type in the corresponding Customer record.

Inventory setup

Wholesale transactions work within Managerʼs inventory management system, which you must enable in order to use this feature.

To use inventory management and the wholesale system, youʼll need to set up:

Writing the order

Unlike club and retail sales, a wholesale transaction begins as an inventory transfer in the Inventory Transaction list.

To write a wholesale order:

  1. Create a new record in the Inventory Transaction list.

  2. On the General tab, set Purpose to 'Sale,' and set the Transfer Inventory From Location to your wholesale location.

  3. On the Inventory tab, select the items to be sold as you would for a usual inventory transfer. Note that when you write an order for a wholesale customer, Manager checks Use Wholesale Pricing.

  4. Click Approved by Me. Manager creates the Inventory Transaction, with the Status 'Approved.'

  5. After the merchandise has been delivered and youʼve marked the Inventory Transaction as 'Picked Up,' click Create Invoice. Manager creates a new Transaction record of Type 'Invoice' and Subtype 'Wholesale.' From this point, you can manage the order much as you would any other sales transaction.

  6. On the web

    If you maintain a separate web site for customers designated as 'Wholesale,' they can log in and perform wholesale transactions through your web “shopping cart.” The interface is much like that of the standard cart, with many of the labels and selections altered as needed for wholesale operations: for example, qantities and prices are based on case lots, rather than individual bottles. The procedure for placing an order is essentially the same: the customer selects available inventory items from the product catalog and proceeds to the Checkout screens, where he provides Company Information, Delivery Instructions, and Payment Information, and is provided with a final Order Review.

    Itʼs important to keep in mind that whether itʼs completed in Manager, on the web site, or through Λctiv8 POS, a wholesale transaction always consists of both the wholesale sales transaction and the associated inventory transaction, which is important for managing and analyzing inventory movement.

Taking payments

Typically, youʼll write a wholesale order to sell merchandise that will be paid for later, when itʼs delivered, and often in multiple partial payments. If youʼve enabled partial payments in your database, you can take these in either Manager or Λctiv8 POS; the system will keep track of the payments that have been made and the current outstanding balance.

To see the amounts that have been paid on a transaction, open it in the Transaction – Data Entry dialog. On the Sales Order tab, click Show Payments. Manager displays the payments for this transaction in the Payment list.

Once it has been fully paid, a wholesale 'Invoice' transactionʼs Type changes to 'Sales Order.'

Synchronizing with QuickBooks

If you use the QuickBooks Accounting system, youʼll need to export transactions to it from Manager, as described in Λctiv8 Manager—QuickBooks Integration. Until it has been fully paid, Manager exports an invoice to QuickBooksʼ Invoice list.

Once youʼve exported the invoice, you can record a payment on it in either QuickBooks or Manager. After taking a payment or making other changes to the invoice in either system, youʼll want to synchronize the two systems so that the updated payment details appear in both.

To synchronize transactions between Manager and QuickBooks:

  1. In Managerʼs Transaction list, select the transactions you want to transfer.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Transfer Sales/Credit Receipts : Synchronize with Accounting.