Tracking transaction source

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Tracking transaction source

To analyze the success of your marketing efforts, you may need to know where your sales come from. Λctiv8 Manager provides two methods of tracking this information:

Promo codes

The main purpose of promo codes is to apply special discounts to customersʼ purchases through Manager, Λctiv8 POS, and the web “shopping cart.” As an additional benefit, however, you can use these codes to identify the transactions theyʼve been applied to.

To search for transactions by promo code:

  1. In the Search Transaction dialog, enter the codes you want to find in the Promo Code 1, Promo Code 2, POS Promo Code, or Shipping Promo Code fields. You can search for multiple codes at once. To find records with any code in a field, enter “NOT NULL.”

  2. From the View menu, choose Promo Codes.

As with any list view, you can create and print or export a report of the results that the search returned.

The Transaction Subtype

In the Transaction record, the Subtype field (on the General tab) records where a transaction was made — for example through a retail sale, the online “shopping cart,” or Λctiv8 POS. You can display and analyze this information in the Transaction list.

To create a Transaction Subtype report:

  1. In the Transaction list, search for the transactions you want to include.

  2. From the View menu, choose a view that includes the Subtype field (e.g., “Incentive Detail” or “Notes”).

  3. Click the column header Subtype to sort the list.

  4. Select the records you want to include in the report.

  5. Use the Report Setup dialog to format the report as needed.