Shipping charges only: Using full boxes

Package icon Occasionally you may need to create a shipping label and calculate shipping charges for a package that has already been paid for, for example, for a “non–picker-upper” who fails to pick up a paid order that must then be shipped. For these “ship-only” or “label-only” transactions, you can select one of Managerʼs full box definitions. There are predefined packages for from one to twelve bottles, and a customizable “generic” box for other contents.

Note: Before you can use the full box definitions, you must configure them to match your shipping and discount rules.

To use a full box:

  1. In the Customer list, select the customerʼs name.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Create Transaction : Sales Order from Package.

  3. In the Create Transaction dialog, select the 'Full Box' package of the appropriate size.

  4. Check Ignore Association.

  5. Select the option Force Ship if Pickup Customer.

  6. Click OK.

Once youʼve created the transaction, you can proceed to charge the customerʼs credit card, print the shipping label, and send a sales receipt as usual.

Note: Λctiv8 does not charge a fee for this type of transaction.

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