Welcome to Λctiv8 Manager

Main topics:

Λctiv8 system basics

Understanding data lists

Using the Job Queue

Managing customers

Managing inventory

Managing packages

Customer choice clubs

Sales and transactions

Applying discounts

Using rules

Credit cards, payments, and receipts

Shipping and pickups

Managing your club

Reports and templates

Sending custom e-mail

Marketing and sales tools

Λctiv8 POS

Λctiv8 web tools

System administration

Λctiv8 support and training

FAQ and troubleshooting


Thank you for choosing Manager as your direct-to-consumer system. We hope youʼll find it a flexible, reliable solution to your club management needs.

This Userʼs Guide is designed to help you get the most from Λctiv8 Manager in two ways:

Users who are more comfortable with an audio-visual presentation may prefer to learn from the video tutorials.

All new users should review the topics on System Basics, especially Logging in and out and Menus and tools. From there, where to look next may depend on whether youʼre more technically, practically, or visually minded; for example:

Important note: Λctiv8 Manager is a modern, state-of-the-art database management application. Because it is powerful and flexible, it may be more complex than software youʼre used to, and it will take time and effort to learn in depth. Reading the User's Guide carefully, watching the video tutorials, and completing the Λctiv8 training curriculum are the only way to learn to use Manager effectively, and to get the most benefit from its advanced features.

Using the online Help system

You can display the Userʼs Guide in a number of ways:

The Windows Help viewer window will open with the size and position it had when you last closed it. The Help viewerʼs navigation pane provides several features to make it easier to locate and return to the topics you need. To open it, click Show at the top of the viewer window.

Help viewer navigation pane

Within each topic, you can navigate to related topics and further information by clicking the blue hyperlinks on the page. The navigation arrows at the top and bottom will take you to the next or previous topic at the same level; you can always find your current location in the table of contents by clicking Locate. To retrace your steps through the history of topics youʼve already viewed, use the Back and Forward buttons.

Tip: On many systems, mouse buttons 4 and 5 also act as Back and Forward buttons.

Throughout the guide, youʼll see lines of text marked with a small red arrow:  These denote hidden sections you can click to display further information or details (click anywhere in the expanded section to hide it again):

Note: The Userʼs Guide is also available on the World Wide Web: https://www.secureclub.net/Help/acm/UG/, and a printable PDF version is available as well.

Information in this guide is kept as current as possible. Features of the software, however, are subject to change without notice. For further details, contact Λctiv8 support: