View Design field names

View Design—assigning columns In the View Design Data Entry dialog, you can choose which database columns to include in a view, and what order theyʼll appear in. The fields you can choose from appear in the Available Fields list. This list, however, presents the column names used internally within Manager. For example, in the Customer list, to include the Date field in a view, you must select the Available Field CREATIONDATE. (You can redefine the field name for a specific view in the Header field on the Column Layout tab.) To find the corresponding database name for a field used in list windows and data dialogs, consult the list for the table youʼre working with:

Account (AC)

Attribute (AT)

Cash Drawer (CA)

Change Log (CG)

Clock In/Clock Out (CC)

Club Run Wizard (WR)

Customer (CS)

Customer Selection (CL)

Email Event Tracking (ET)

Frame Configuration (FC)

Grouping (GP)

Inventory (IN)

Inventory Heading (HD)

Inventory Location (IL)

Inventory Stock (IA)

Inventory Transaction (VT)

Invoice Data (ID)

Job Log (ML)

Job Schedule (JS)

Lookup Text (LK)

Loyalty & Gift Card (LG)

Loyalty/Gift Card Activity (LA)

Merchant (OR)

Package (PK)

Package Inventory (PI)

Package Setup (PP)

Payment Info (PM)

Person (PR)

POS Configuration (CP)

Rule (RU)

Selection (SL)

Track Package (TP)

Transaction (TA)

Transaction Item (TI)

Translation (TL)

User Login (UL)

User Profile (US)

Vendor (VN)

View Design (VM)

Wizard Error (WE)

Wizard Step (WI)

Work Schedule (WS)

Linked tables

In some lists, views can also display data from other related lists. For example, in a view of the Inventory list, you can add a column to show the Location where an inventory item is stored. This data comes from the Inventory Location list, where it is stored in a field called Name.

References to such linked tables appear in the Available Fields list with two-letter prefixes indicating the tables they represent. For example, to create a column for the Location field from the Inventory Location list, assign the Available Field ILNAME.

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