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The View Manager

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Most of the data lists in Manager offer a number of choices on the View menu. Each view determines which database fields appear in the list columns, as well as the column header names, default sort order, and grouping properties. Administrators and Full Operators can modify existing views and create new ones in the View Design list.

The Actions menu

View list—Actions menuIn the View list, the Actions menu contains commands to Export Selected Views and Import a saved .view file.

View Design data entry

For every defined list view, the View Design Data Entry dialog provides access to the settings that determine how Manager displays data from a given table.

The General tab

Contains basic identifying information and general behavior for the view.

View Design data dialog—GeneralProject: Normally set to 'WBS'

Table Name: The data list that the view applies to

Type: Always 'List'

Subtype: (not used)

Access: Determines which Manager user privilege levels will see the view on the menu

Owner: Not used; should always be 'System'

View Name: The name of the view, as it appears on the View menu    More …

Description: Text description of the viewʼs purpose

Several fields pertain to reports generated from list views:

Report File Name: The name of the file that configures the report

Icon Formula, Custom Draw: The names of system functions that Manager will call to configure the display of icons and text, respectively

On Enter: (not used)

Orientation: The default print orientation of the report; 'Landscape' if not otherwise specified

Additional fields:


Dialog With List:

Allow Column Header Drag and Drop: Enables the user to reorder the columns by dragging them with the mouse

Force Distinct Rows:

Auto Refresh List:

The Column Layout tab

Shows which columns are included in the list view.

View Design column layout

Column assignments

To add a column to the view, select one of the Available Fields and click Add. Use the Move Left and Move Right buttons to change the order in which columns will appear. To remove a column from the list, select it and click Remove.

To identify which Available Field to use for a given data field in Manager, see View Design field names.

Column settings

Manager normally selects the Type automatically; it cannot be changed.

Header lets you redefine the column header text for this field.

Sort: 'Default' is normally appropriate. Sort Order determines the columnʼs sort priority with respect to other columns.

A Virtual Column is one whose values are not displayed in the list, sometimes used for fields the system uses to calculate formulas.

Sum Records by Value is available for numeric fields; it tells Manager to sum the values in this column and display the result on the data listʼs title bar. The Title field contains the text string that introduces the summed values.


Group Display by Value instructs Manager to group the list display by the values in the selected column. Sum on Group makes it display the total number of groups on the title bar.

The Tree View tab

The Tree View tab is not used in Λctiv8 Manager.

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