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Every user of the Λctiv8 Manager database must have an entry in the User Profile list. This record defines settings such as login name, user type, and privilege level. Manager Full Operators and Administrators can view and update this information when necessary, or create new Manager user accounts.

User Profile data entry

The User Profile – Data Entry dialog displays the contents of a single item from the User Profile list. It contains data on four tabs:

The General tab     

Label: The Λctiv8 Manager company code for the userʼs organization; usually an abbreviation of the wineryʼs name.

Name: The userʼs full name.

Description: Describes the personʼs role within the organization. May not be left blank.

The Access tab

Selects the Person and Merchant records this User Profile applies to. This is the place to start when creating a new Λctiv8 Manager user.

Access History displays information on the userʼs most recent previous login.

The Operations 1 tab     

Operations Mode:

Selections Mode: Enables customer selections on the data access bar and in the Customer – Data Entry dialog.

Single Transactions: Clear to disable a user from creating single sales orders.

Customer Actions Tab Visible: Currently unused; leave unchecked.

Open Session Windows: When checked, windows from the previous session are reopened at login. Turn off for slow connections.

Allow Single Sales Local, Allow Local Processing: For use by the Λctiv8 engineering team.

Read Only: Prevents the user from making changes in the database. For Superadministrator use only.

Associate Login Alert: Enables the popup alert when associated users log in to the database. Clear to enable “stealth” logins.

Disable for Non-Payment: (Administrator only)

Disable Credit Card Processing: (Administrator only)

Corporate Art DLL Name: Sets the background art in Manager to match your corporate art scheme; contact the support team for details.

Customer and Inventory Lookup List filters

The Customer Lookup Lists and Inventory Lookup Lists sections let you define optional filters that will limit the results displayed when you open a lookup list that draws from either of those lists. The filters are statements in the Structured Query Language (SQL), which specify the fields and values to be searched for. These can be quite complex, but normally youʼll include only one or two terms to search for or exclude.

For example, when creating a sales order, you might want to filter the Customer list to include only those whose credit cards are authorized. To do this, youʼd add the statement CREDIT_CARD_AUTHORIZED = 'yes'.

To λctiv8 either filter, check On Load.

(For examples of how to create SQL statements, you can view the details of existing database searches.)

The Operations 2 tab     

Contains miscellaneous operating options.

The History tab

Provides a space for operator notes and comments, and displays a history of the userʼs password changes. Except for Superadministrators, users can see only their own password histories.