Product update settings

Note: This topic applies only to those who use Manager as a locally installed application. On the remote desktop servers, Manager is updated automatically.

The Λctiv8 engineering team periodically releases application updates, containing feature enhancements and bug fixes. Each update is distributed in the form of a “patch” file. When a new update is available, the Manager application decides what to do based on the Automatic Update Type set in your User Profile. For most regular users, the Update Type is 'Must Update' or 'Silent,' so that Manager downloads the patch file automatically, stores it on the userʼs computer, and installs the update the next time the application is run.

Note: You wonít always see any obvious changes in the application after an update. This is because often the engineering team makes internal modifications that donít affect the user interface.

Your product update settings offer some control over scheduling and bandwidth usage when downloading program update files. These settings are stored in the Windows registry on your workstation. To view or change them, choose Setup : Product Update Settings from the the Network menu.

Note: Product update settings apply only to users whose Automatic Update Type is 'Polite,' 'Must Update,' or 'Silent.' They are ignored for types 'Internal Polite' and 'Internal Update.'

To determine your current version of Λctiv8 Manager:

  1. From the Help menu, choose About Activ8 Manager.

  2. Read the version number in the top section of the About box.

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