Menus and tools

application main window

Once youʼve logged in to Λctiv8 Manager, youʼll see the applicationʼs main window, framed by the main menu at the top and the data access bar down the left side. Until youʼve opened a data list, the main workspace will contain only a graphic image and your user privilege level.

(The images can be changed to match your corporate art scheme; contact Λctiv8 support for help.)

The data access bar

The large tool bar down the left side of the main window contains icons for most of the different data lists that you can open in Manager. Click an icon to open the list and display the results of your most recent search.

The main menu

When there is no data list open, the main menu at the top of the window contains four items:

main menu, no list open

After you open a data list, the main menu expands to contain additional choices:

main menu with list open

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