Modifying shipping details

After a package has shipped, occasionally you may need to alter shipping details for a transaction, for example by:

Changing the shipping method

When forecast weather conditions are unfavorable for shipping an order, you may want to change the shipping method for a transaction, for instance from ground to second-day air.

To change the shipping method for a transaction:

  1. In the Transaction list, open the sales order in the Transaction – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Sales Order tab, select a new method from the Ship Via drop-down list.

  3. Ensure that the Ship Via field is set correctly.

  4. Click Checkout. (If Checkout isnʼt displayed, click Shop to display inventory items.)

Manager updates the forecast temperatures (on the Sales Order tab). The shipping & handling amount will be adjusted when you click Checkout.

Updating the delivery address

From time to time customers may change their default shipping addresses, either temporarily or permanently. Customers can make this change on your web site, or you may enter it for them in Λctiv8 Manager, by modifying the default address in the Customer – Data Entry dialog (on the Shipping tab). In case these changes cause problems with sales orders, or to forestall such problems, you can update selected transactions with the current address.

To update the shipping address for a transaction:

  1. In the Transaction list, select the sales order you want to update.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Shipment : Update Shipping Address Data.

Manager copies the default shipping Address from the Customer record to the selected Transaction records.

Holding for pickup

Occasionally, a customer may wish to have a shipment held for pickup at a local FedEx office or dropbox. If this isnʼt the customerʼs default setting, you can set it for a single shipment.

To hold a package for pickup at FedEx:

  1. In the Transaction list, open the sales order in the Transaction – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Sales Order tab, enter the FedEx hold-for-pickup location as the Customer Ship Address. (These can be found on the FedEx web site.)

  3. Hold at FedEx Location

  4. Check Hold at FedEx Location.

  5. Click Save.

When this option is set, Manager instructs the FedEx system to hold the package for pickup at the given address, and prints a Hold for Pickup instruction on the shipping label. If the address isn't an authorized FedEx hold-for-pickup facility, the instruction will have no effect.

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