Forcing shipping or pickup

Each customerʼs preferred Ship Method is defined in the Customer record. You can override this setting for a specific shipment, for example when:

To force shipping or pickup for a transaction:

  1. In the Customer list, choose Create Transaction from the Actions menu.

  2. For a regular club package, choose Sales Order from Package. For a customer selection, choose Sales Order from Selection.

  3. In the Create Transaction dialog, select the package to update.

  4. Select the option Force Pickup if Shipping Customer or Force Ship if Pickup Customer.

Sending a notice of intent to ship

When you change the delivery mode from 'Pickup' to 'Ship,' itʼs good practice to send a notice to the recipient.

To send a notice of intent to ship the package:

  1. From the Transaction list, select the transactions to be shipped.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Compose and Send Email to Package Recipient (Ctrl‑M).

  3. In the Send Email with Attachment(s) dialog, compose a letter of intent to ship the package, informing your customer(s) that shipping and handling charges will be applied and specifying a date by which the package must be picked up.

  4. When ready, click Send.

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