Sending messages

The real-time instant-messaging features in Λctiv8 Manager let you see what other users are currently logged in to your database and send text messages to them through the server.

To see who’s connected

Before sending a message to another user, you may want to verify that he or she is on line. To see who is logged in, choose Show Connected Users from the Network menu.

Manager displays a list of logged-in users, with company affiliation, current Manager version, and login time.

Sending and replying

To send a message to one or more users:

  1. From the Network menu, choose Send Message to User.

  2. In the Send Message to User(s) dialog box, select the name of the person you want to receive the message. (Ctrl‑ and Shift-click to select multiple users.)

  3. Click inside the Message box and type your message.

  4. Click Send to send the message (keyboard shortcut Alt-E).

To broadcast a message to all connected users:

  1. From the Network menu, choose Broadcast All Users.

  2. Type your message in the Message box.

  3. Click Send to send the message.

An incoming message from another user appears in a popup window on your screen. If you have system sound effects turned on, a bosunʼs whistle will alert you to the incoming message.

To reply to a message:

  1. When the message appears on your screen, type your reply in the Return Message box.

  2. Click Reply (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt-E).

Note: These text messages, as well as many other automated system messages, can be found in the Real-Time Messaging list.

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