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Selections are the records that determine what choices appear on drop-down lists in data-entry and search dialogs throughout Λctiv8 Manager. Once the choices for a given dialog field are set up, thereʼs generally little reason to change them. However, senior operators can modify the entries or create new items when needed.

To open the Selection list, choose Setup : Selection from the Network menu. Select and open any record in the list to display the Selection Data Entry dialog.

Selection data entry

The Selection record consists of four fields:

Person: Corporate Title field

For example, in Managerʼs Person list, the Corporate Title field can hold any of a large number of values from 'Acct Executive' to 'VP Sales.' Each of these possible values is an entry in the Selection list, of Type 'Prrcortitl.' To add the title 'Sales Representative' to the list, youʼd create a new record of the same type, and assign the Id 'Sales Rep' and the Description 'Sales Representative.'