POS rules

Cash drawer

Cash drawer rules specify the number of bills and coins that are placed in a drawer by default when it is opened. There is one rule for each denomination.


A version of Managerʼs dashboard reports is available in Λctiv8 POS. Dashboard rules let you configure the display characteristics of the POS dashboard reports. There are two kinds of dashboard rules, distinguished by Subtype.

Rules of Subtype 'Dash Reports' apply to the report selectors at the left side of the POS screen: Sales Revenue, POS Sales, etc.

Dashboard rule Report matches the name of the database report the graph is based on. (Do not change this value.)

Sequence determines the selectorʼs vertical position on the page.

Circle Text and Screen Title set the labels displayed on the screen.

Filter By Location: When set to 'Yes,' the report includes data for only the POS location where the user is logged in.

Show on POS: If 'No,' the selector will not appear in Λctiv8 POS.

Circle Color and Font Color set the color of the selector button and the font within it.

Similarly, rules of Subtype 'Dash Filters' configure the date range selectors on the right side of the screen (This Quarter, This Year, etc.). In these, the Report field is replaced with Range; there is a rule for each available date range. Filter By Location is disabled.

POS tip percentages

When a customer makes a purchase through Λctiv8 POS, the system can present a list of suggested tips to choose from at checkout. The suggested tip amounts that appear in the list come from POS tip percentage rules. The Amount field contains the tip percentage (10.00, 15.00, etc.). Enter the text the customer will see in the Description field.

POS identity

For wineries with multiple tasting rooms where customers can pick up merchandise, POS identity rules inform Manager which Invoice Setup record to use when transferring records to a POS system. Similarly, Store identity rules connect the name of an inventory location with a store location number for your POS system.

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