Sending system messages

Once youʼve fine-tuned the message templates for your club operations, Manager will send them automatically when called for. Many of them are also available for you to send manually, to any number of recipients. To reduce the number of undelivered messages, itʼs wise to confirm that the addresses are valid.

To send the e-mail, youʼll use commands on the Actions menu, from either the Customer or the Transaction list.

Validating e-mail addresses

Every e-mail address consists of a domain name (e.g., and a specific mailbox name in that domain (e.g., support). Although mailbox names canʼt always be verified, the validity of a domain name is reliable. You can verify this component of a customerʼs e-mail address with the Email Address Domain command.

To validate customersʼ e-mail addresses:

  1. In the Customer list, search for and select the customers whose addresses you want to validate. (For a club release, use the saved search 'All Active Members.')

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Validation : Email Address Domain.
    Manager validates the customersʼ addresses and notifies you by e-mail when it has finished.

  3. Check the Status columns for Domain 1 and Domain 2 for messages reporting the results of the check.

The system can validate two addresses per customer; it reads them (separated by a semicolon) from the Email Address field of the Customer record.

 E-mail validation results

Sending mail

To send a system message manually, you need to know which predefined template you want the mail to be based on. For customer-related mail, start from the Customer list; for transaction-related mail, start with the Transaction list.

To send customer-related mail:

  1. In the Customer list, search for and select the customers to whom youʼre sending mail.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Email Job Template, and choose the type of mail to send.

To send transaction-related mail:

  1. In the Transaction list, search for and select the transactions for which youʼre sending mail.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose the type of mail to send: for example, Sales Gift Memo or Sales/Credit Receipt.

Manager sends copies of the e-mail to the selected customers, or prints the documents. (For printed documents, itʼs often convenient to leave the same set of records selected while you print mailing labels.)

Note: If you need to modify a jobʼs template before sending the e-mail, the Actions menu also provides an Edit … Template option to open it in the template editor.

Sending a sample e-mail

After youʼve modified a template, itʼs a good idea to test it by sending yourself a sample before you send the e-mail to customers.

To send a sample e-mail:

  1. In the Customer or the Transaction list, select a single item.

  2. (If you select more than one entry, Manager will send multiple samples.)

  3. Select a template type as you would for normal mail, but choose Email Sample instead of Email.

Manager sends the sample e-mail to your address.

Printed report jobs

A few jobs are designed as print-only jobs. To run one of these, select it in the Customer or Transaction list. From the Actions menu, choose Print Job Template, and then choose the type of job to print.

Obviously no special procedure is needed to test a printed document. To avoid printing multiple copies, simply remember to choose only one item from the Customer or the Transaction list before you choose the template type.

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