E-mail and print jobs

Much of your day-to-day operations with Active Manager will involve routine written communications with and about club members and customers — “welcome” letters, order confirmations, sales and gift receipts, birthday cards, and many others. Manager sends many of these automatically, for example when a new customer signs up on your web site. Others are available for you to send on demand, for example membership data confirmations or “good-bye” letters. The system schedules and processes all these tasks in the Job Queue.

Manager also lets you send scheduled e-mail reminders to yourself or others.

As with all system messages, you can modify the scheduling and addressing options and the text of any message by editing its record in the Job Queue. To retrieve a list of the available message jobs, use the Quick Search 'Email Templates.' To see an example of each message, click its name in the list below. To locate the correct template to edit, find the Job Queue record whose Subject matches this name.

There may be a number of matching records: for example, there are Sales Receipt templates for FedEx, UPS, pickup orders, etc.

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Report jobs from Manager

Cart Confirm Templates

Credit Note Template for Emailing

Email Bad Credit Card Template

Email Club Anniversary Card Template

Email Club Birthday Card Template

Email Club Goodbye Template

Email Club Spouse Birthday Card Template

Email Club Wedding Anniversary Card Template

Email Membership Data Template

Email Package Delivered Template

Email Reorder Form Template

Email Shipping Alerts Template

Email Welcome Gift Giver Templates

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Gift Welcome Templates

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