Formatting and printing reports

When you create a report from a data list view, you can send it to a printer, or export it to a spreadsheet file that you can e-mail or view.

Before you export the report, you can use the Report Setup dialog to choose which columns to include and customize the appearance of all the elements of the printed page.

To display the Report Setup dialog:

  1. Create a dashboard, standard, or data list report.

  2. Search for and select the report in the Job Queue.

  3. From the Output menu, choose Page Setup.     

To set the appearance of page elements:

In the Report Setup dialog, first select the element you want to design (header, headings, body, etc.); then do any or all of the following:

  1. Click in the Text Color box to select a color.

  2. Select 'Left,' 'Center,' or 'Right' justification.

  3. Click Font, and select the desired font, size, and style attributes in the Environment Font dialog.

  4. To make long lines wrap to the next line, check Wrap Text.

  5. To save these settings as the default values for future page designs, click Save.

  6. Click Apply to make your selection active and return to the Report Setup dialog.

To set the page margins:

To choose columns to include in the report:

Printing and exporting reports

Once youʼve selected the records you want to include and created the report, you can send the list to a printer, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file, or an e-mail recipient:

To preview the report before you print it:

To print the report:

Manager prints the report to your default system printer. To change printers or printer options, choose Print Setup from the File menu. You can also customize the appearance of printed reports with the Page Setup command.

To export the report to a spreadsheet:

To send the report by e-mail:

You can attach the spreadsheet (.xml) file to an e-mail message.

  1. From the Output menu or the right-click menu, choose Email Selected (or click the Email Selected button on the tool bar).

  2. In your e-mail client program, fill in the addressee and subject information and send as usual.

Using the built-in e-mail client

Send Email dialog

If you donʼt have a default Windows e-mail client, or would prefer not to use it, you can elect to have reports sent by Managerʼs built-in e-mail utility.

To use the built-in client, open Managerʼs Preferences dialog and check the box Use Active Club Manager Email Client for Reports.

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