On-demand reports

Much of your day-to-day operations with Λctiv8 Manager will involve routine written communications with and about club members and customers — “welcome” letters, order confirmations, sales and gift receipts, birthday cards, and many others. Manager sends many of these automatically, for example when a new customer signs up on your web site. Others are available for you to create on demand, for example membership data confirmations or “good-bye” letters.

Each of these messages is based on a template job which is an entry in the Job Queue list. The names of these jobs appear in the Template column of the lists below; click a name to see an example. To modify any of these templates, locate the Job Queue record whose Subject matches this name.

Note: There may be a number of matching records: for example, there are Sales Receipt templates for FedEx, UPS, pickup orders, etc.

Commands in Λctiv8 Manager

Data listMenuCommandTemplate
CustomerActionsSend Sample Anniversary CardEmail Club Anniversary Card Template
CustomerActionsSend sample birthday cardEmail Club Birthday Card Template
CustomerActionsEmail Goodbye LetterEmail Club Goodbye Template
CustomerActionsSend Sample Spouse Birthday CardEmail Club Spouse Birthday Card Template
CustomerActionsSend Sample Wedding Anniversary CardEmail Club Wedding Anniversary Card Template
CustomerActionsEmail Membership DataEmail Membership Data Template
CustomerActionsEmail Gift Welcome LetterEmail Welcome Gift Giver Templates
CustomerActionsEmail Cart Welcome LetterEmail Welcome On-line Shopper Template
CustomerActionsEmail Welcome LetterEmail Welcome Templates
CustomerActionsEmail Gift Welcome LetterGift Welcome Templates
CustomerActionsEmail Selection ConfirmationSelection Confirmation Templates
TransactionActionsEmail Sales/Credit ReceiptCredit Note Template for Emailing
TransactionActionsEmail Bad Credit Card letter to Account HolderEmail Bad Credit Card Template
TransactionActionsSales Incentive EmailSales Incentive Template for Emailing
TransactionActionsEmail Sales/Credit ReceiptSales Receipt Templates
TransactionActionsEmail InvoiceTransaction Invoice Template
Customer SelectionOutputInventory Order Report
Customer SelectionOutputInventory Order Summary Report
Customer SelectionOutputSelection Report

Commands in Λctiv8 POS

The following commands are available for generating reports and messages in Λctiv8 POS:

Print SummaryCash Drawer Print Summary for Point Of Sale
Reports : Clock In/Clock OutClock In Clock Out Print Summary for Point Of Sale
RefundCredit Note Templates
Print SummaryEnd Of Day Print Summary for Point Of Sale
Print wholesale invoiceInvoice Template for Printing
Receipt — EmailItem Receipt For Filling Orders
Print Pre-ReceiptPre Receipt For Point Of Sale Order
Receipt — printSales Receipts for Point Of Sale
Receipt — e-mailSales Receipt Templates
Email invoiceTransaction Invoice Template
Reports : ScheduleWork Schedule Print Summary for Point Of Sale

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