Dashboard reports

Dashboard icon Λctiv8 Managerʼs dashboard lets you monitor your performance in real time with graphical reports on club memberships, sales and revenue, and other statistics. To display it, click the Dashboard icon on the data access bar at the left side of the Manager window. Enter your personal ID number (PIN) to display the reports for your database.

Note: Use the same PIN that you use for Λctiv8 POS. You must be an Λctiv8 POS Manager.

These reports are visible on the web from any computer or mobile device. To access the dashboard page, enter the URL https://secureclub.net/your_database_name/dashboard.aspx.

You can also add parameters to the URL to specify which chart you want to see.

Dashboard--selecting a report typeIn the pie graph on the main dashboard page, click a segment to choose the type of reports you want to see: Sales, Membership, or Statistics.

To return to the main page and change to a different report type at any time, click the symbol on any of the report pages.

Navigating the reports

Each type of report provides a number of views of your data; you can click on many of the graphs to see the data broken down in greater detail.

Choosing a time period

Dashboard--choosing a time frame

When you choose Sales reports, the dashboard lets you choose the time frame of the data you want to see. Click a section of the corresponding pie graph to select a daily, weekly, monthly, or other period.

To change the time frame for a report youʼre viewing, click the symbol on any of the sales report pages.

Drilling down

Dashboard--monthly revenue graph For each report type, the dashboard displays several views of your data. When the view is a “pie chart,” you can explore in more detail by clicking a segment to expand it into a further series of graphs. For example, in the Revenue graphs, clicking the Club segment reveals graphs for Sales by Club and Sales by Club Type for the same period.

To return to the previous page, click the symbol.

Multilocation data

When data potentially comes from multiple inventory locations — as with POS operations and tips — the dashboard presents a list of your locations; you can choose any one of them, or display the data from all locations together.

Fine-tuning the graphs

Dashboard graphs: legendEach of the dashboard report graphs — whether pie, bar, or line style — includes a legend that indicates the types of data it displays. You can limit the graph to show only specific types by clicking items in the legend to remove them from the graph. The scale changes to fit the data that remains.

This is a useful technique when a segment of a pie graph is a sliver too small to click comfortably: simply remove one or two of the largest segments to enlarge the rest.

Adding URL parameters

The simple URL style given above (e.g., https://secureclub.net/demodb_6/dashboard.aspx) will display the dashboard summary page for your database. To choose a specific graph, you can provide additional arguments. For example, the syntax

https://www.secureclub.net/demodb_6/dashboard.aspx?chart=TipsLoc&daterange=This Year&Location=Healdsburg

displays the graphs for “Tips by Location,” for the current year, for a specific inventory location. You can include any or all of these additional parameters, with available values as listed.


Indicates the specific type of graph to display.


Specifies a date range.


Selects an inventory location.


Adjusts the size of the dashboard display by the given scale factor.

For a video demonstration of the dashboard reports, see https://player.vimeo.com/video/277588721.

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