Running a customer choice club

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Managing your club

Planning your club

Running the club

Using the club run wizard

After the release

Once the Λctiv8 team has set up your database, you can begin using Manager to work with regular club releases.

Note: Only Full Operator and Operator level users can process club releases (see Λctiv8 Manager user types).

Club release checklist (customer choice club)

Note: This checklist outlines the release process for customer choice clubs. For regular package-based clubs, see Running the club. To download a printable version, see here.

To ensure that your club run goes smoothly, begin going through the following checklist a week or two before the release date.

     ✔  (Steps marked with [P] apply only to placeholder clubs.)

After the release, you can use Manager to follow up on declined credit cards, transfer sales to your accounting system, and track shipping alerts and pickups.

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Managing web IDs

Creating the club package

Creating customer selections from a package

Confirming customer selections

Validating customer addresses

Assigning sales tax codes

Creating the club transactions

Checking transactions for errors

Checking the weather forecast

Charging credit cards

Printing shipping labels

Sending receipts and gift memos

Recovering declined credit cards

Deleting pending selections