Real-Time Messaging

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Real-Time Messaging

The Λctiv8 real-time server runs constantly to handle system events such as user logins and records created or changed. It reads the job queue and carries out scheduled tasks, writes to the database server, and updates all logged-in users with database changes and current system status. This server keeps a log of its activity in the Real-Time Messaging list.

Real-Time Messaging list

Real-time message codes

Most real-time event messages include a code that indicates the location and reference number of the record that was changed or transferred. For example:

Arne Haugland with Demo Winery sends <FLBMRL, 5286, TA0008099> to 2 client(s)

This says that the user made a change in Transaction record number TA0008099. “FLBMRL” indicates that Managerʼs list manager (FLB) responded to a user request to modify a record (MR); “5286” is an internal system code for the list where the change was made.

list manager, data dialog manager
add/modify/delete record
user login
EOPEN, ECLICK e-mail opened or clicked

The most useful piece of information in each message is the reference number (“TA0008099” in the example above), which you can use to look up the record for more details. The first two characters in this string are a database table identifier, indicating the list where the record resides.

User text messages

As described at Sending messages, users who are logged in to your database can use the real-time server to send each other text messages. To locate these in the Real-Time Messaging list, search the list with the string “%message%” in the Description field.