Setting up remote access

Active Club datacenters Most users will choose to run Active Club Manager on a server at one of Active Clubʼs regional data centers, using Microsoftʼs Remote Desktop Connection utility. This limits the demand on your Internet connection, and will work from any computer that has a remote access client compatible with the Remote Desktop protocol.

So that you can use Remote Manager, the Active Club technical support team will assign you a login name and set up your database on the remote server nearest you. Youʼll use the Remote Desktop Connection client utility to create and configure a connection to the Active Club server. Youʼll receive connection information such as the server name and your login credentials in your Remote Desktop Welcome e-mail from Active Club Solutions.

Those with sufficiently robust broadband Internet connections may prefer to install and run Manager as a standalone application on a local computer.

Configuring the connection

Note: These instructions are for the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop application for Microsoft Windows; details for other operating systems and clients will vary. To use Remote Manager with MacOS, see Instructions for Macintosh users.

To configure the remote desktop connection:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose All Programs : Accessories : Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. In the Remote Desktop Connection dialog, click Options.

  3. Enter connection details:

To save this connectionʼs settings for later use, return to the General tab and click Save. This creates a file with the extension .rdp; if you create a desktop shortcut to this file, you can open the connection quickly with a mouse click.

Connecting to the remote server

To connect to the Active Club remote server:

  1. In the Remote Desktop Connection dialog, select the connection you made from the Computer list. (Or double-click the shortcut you created on the desktop.)

  2. Clear the check box Always ask for credentials.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. If your system is protected by a security firewall, you may need to ensure that TCP port 33898 is open for incoming connections.

    Remote Desktop Connection—Windows Security

  5. The Remote Desktop client makes a connection with the Active Club remote server and presents you with the Windows Security dialog. Select your login account from the list and enter the password: “GoClub2013”.

  6. (To avoid seeing this dialog the next time you make the connection, check Remember my credentials.)

  7. When your Windows login is complete, youʼll see the Active Club Manager Database Login prompt, where you can log in to Manager.

To close the remote connection, log out of Manager by closing its window, or choosing Exit from the File menu. The server closes the remote connection automatically.

Clearing the Remote Desktop history

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