Defining package contents: Package inventory

Package icon Once youʼve created the record for a new package and filled in the details on the General and Details tabs of the Package Data Entry dialog, you can add inventory items to the package.

On the dialogʼs Inventory tab, the Inventory Selection list displays the individual items to be included. There are three ways to add inventory items:

To add a single inventory item:

  1. In the Create from Inventory field, select the itemʼs name from the lookup list.

  2. Click Add.

To add items from the Inventory list:

  1. Click Show Inventory.

  2. Manager opens the Inventory list alongside the Package Data Entry dialog. Make sure it contains the items you want to add to the package, and that it is on top of any other open lists.

  3. In the Inventory list, select the items to add.

  4. While pressing the Ctrl key and the left mouse button, drag the items from the list to the data dialog.

Once youʼve filled the package with inventory items, the View selector provides alternative versions of the list, showing data related to cost, name and description, or shipping details. To change the quantity of any item in the package, select it and click the or + buttons below the list.

You can modify other details, such as the Price or Discount, for the current package in the Package Inventory data dialog.

To modify an item:

  1. On the Inventory tab, click Create. Manager opens both the Inventory list and the Package Inventory dialog.

  2. Select an item in the list and drag it to the Package Inventory dialog.

  3. On the General and the Cost tabs, adjust the Quantity, Price, Discount, or other fields as needed.

Updating from Inventory

Note that Package Inventory items are actually copies of inventory items as they were when added to the package. Any changes since then in the original Inventory itemʼs price, discount, or other values are not reflected here, and any changes you make here will affect only the current package.

To update the current package inventory items with any recent changes from the Inventory records, select the items to be updated and click Update Selected Package Inventory.

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