The Payment list

The Payment list contains details of partial payments made through Λctiv8 POS. It appears when you click Show Payments in the Transaction – Data Entry dialog (on the Payment tab.) Double-click any item in the list to display full details in the Payment Data Entry dialog.

The General tab      

The Payment Summary section displays the amounts of the payment, with any associated tip, refund, or credit.

The Transaction Summary reports the amount owed for the entire transaction, the payments made and any credits issued so far, and the remaining balance on the transaction.

The Cash/Check Summary shows the Check Number, the amount tendered, and any change returned.

The Credit/Gift Card tab      

Shows the details of the customerʼs credit card, the information returned from the address verification check, and the signature recorded at the point of sale.

The Transaction tab      

Shows further details regarding the transaction. External Reference refers to the transactionʼs identifying number in the QuickBooks accounting system.

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