Accessing multiple databases

Occasionally, you may want to use Λctiv8 Manager to access more than one database, for example, when you manage wine clubs for two wineries. You donʼt need to install separate copies of the application for this; you can simply create additional Windows shortcut icons that will log in to different databases. Youʼll specify the login details for each database in the shortcut iconsʼ Properties.

Once youʼve created the additional shortcuts, you can use them to run multiple copies of Manager at the same time.

To create a second Λctiv8 Manager shortcut:

  1. On the Windows desktop, right-click the Λctiv8 Manager icon and choose Copy from the menu.

  2. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose Paste. Windows creates a second icon, named “Copy of Active Manager.”

  3. Right-click the original shortcut icon and choose Properties. In the Windows Properties dialog, do the following:

  4. Repeat step 3 for the newly created “Copy of” icon.

Command-line options

In a Windows shortcut iconʼs Properties dialog, the Target field (on the Shortcut tab) contains the commands that launch the program. You can add options (“switches”) to specify connection and login details.

The available options include:

-d  Use the specified database name

-f  Database port number

-i  Database server IP address

-o  Do not change ODBC settings

-p  User password (valid only if -u is also set)

-q  Enable SQL logging

-r  Real-time server IP address

-u  User name

-w  Dont reopen session windows

-x  Real-time server port number

The switch character may be either - or /. Option letters may be either upper or lower case, and following parameters may be separated by no space or a single space. No spaces are permitted within parameter strings.

The q option causes Manager to log the full SQL statements generated by your database searches to a file on your local drive. The file is in the \\ACM System\Program folder, and has the extension .log.

The w switch tells Manager not to remember which list windows you had open the last time you logged on, ignoring the setting of Open Session Windows in the User Profile.

For example, to launch the program and use a different database: wbs.exe ‑ddemodb_2 ‑f6136 ‑x6137 ‑i67.102.226.233 ‑r67.102.226.233

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