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Marketing and sales tools

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large part of the daily work of any retail business will be devoted to marketing strategy: locating and encouraging new customers and retaining existing ones. Λctiv8 Manager provides a number of tools to support these efforts.

Managing customers and sales

Manager provides tools for:

Searching and reporting

Manager provides several kinds of reports on all aspects of your business:

Sending e-mail

When the existing reports and e-mail templates donʼt meet your needs, you can use Managerʼs Compose and Send feature to create marketing letters, newsletters, and other custom messages. Customers can choose to subscribe to these mailings or opt out of receiving them, and the Email Event Tracking list lets you keep track of when theyʼre delivered and opened and analyze revenue generated by an e-mail campaign.

E-mail automation and marketing

Manager provides extensive support for e-mail automation, including:

If you prefer to manage your campaigns through a commercial e-mail marketing service, you can use Manager to export a list of customers to VerticalResponse, Constant Contact, SocketLabs, or MailChimp.

For tutorial videos on creating and tracking e-mail through Manager, see