Merchant data entry

Merchant icon The Merchant – Data Entry dialog displays the data for an entry in the Merchant list. Most of this information is maintained by the Λctiv8 support team, and seldom needs to be changed.

The General tab     

Contains basic identifying information on your company.

The Address tab

Displays your organizationʼs postal mailing address.

The Notes tab

Contains a space for any notes you may wish to make about the organization, as a reminder or for future reference.

The Communications tab     

The Email tab      

Displays the e-mail addresses where Manager sends its reports.

The Email Envelope tab

Contains the default header, signature, and opt-out footer text for e-mail messages you send from Manager. You can change the signature or footer for an individual e-mail in the Compose and Send dialog; the header text is fixed here.

The Email Marketing tab

Contains the user names and passwords for your accounts with e-mail marketing services.

The Credit Card tab      

Displays information about your credit-card processing account.

Note: Normally, the Λctiv8 support team will set up and test your service; you wonʼt need to change any of the information here.

EVO version

The Credit Card tabʼs appearance changes according to the payment processor youʼve chosen.   

To change the password of an EVO credit-card reader:

  1. Enter the new password in the Comm Password field.

  2. Update the Password Date.

The Maps tab

The Maps tab is for administrative use only.

The Shipping tab     

Displays the pickup and return addresses for shipments, S&H rating information, and weather system preferences.

See also: Setting up shipping accounts

The FedEx, GSO, and UPS tabs

Display information on your accounts with shipping companies. For details, consult the shippers or Λctiv8 support.     

The Services tab      

Displays information on your accounts with shipping and compliance services.

The Invoicing tab      

Fields on this tab are for Λctiv8 administrative use.

The Infrastructure tab      

The System Setup tab     

The Web Setup tab     

Displays the locations of the organizationʼs Λctiv8 web pages.

The Attributes tab

For use by the Λctiv8 support team.

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